29 mrt. 2015

Mini Lush Haul + Short Reviews.

So, my finals were finally over and to celebrate that I went shopping with my lovely friend, Chaimaa. I absolutely love Lush. I love their products, their philosophy, and most off all: their delicious scents. I have been building up a never-ending Lush wishlist over the past couple of weeks. Once I was actually there I completely blacked out, of course. So I just took a look around and these were the things I snatched up while I was there!

First, I wanted to try their deodorants. I love my Lady Speed Stick and it works like a dream, but... (say it with me) not cruelty free! Plus, I heard some scary stories about people developing some lumps underneath their arms (!) using this. I think that because it's a anti-perspirant and it blocks the sweat from coming out, so it builds up?! I don't know. Definitely not appealed by it, 10/10. So I want to make the switch to natural deodorants. I didn't know which one to choose so the salesperson got me samples from The Greeench (the pot) and Aromaco (the one wrapped in paper). (On a side note, I love the salespeople at Lush. They never give the impression that they are talking me into buying stuff but are just there to give me information about the products, and they are always so nice!). I will review them in detail soon!

I heard that Aromaco can be combined with a dusting powder for extra absorption (sorry for that image) and I was overall very interested in these versatile powders, so I took Vanilla Puff home with me too. I still don't know exactly what these are made for although the saleswoman told me that - funfact - people during the Medieval Ages used to use them on their skin to make their clothing 'fall' nicer. The powders contain mildly moisturising ingredients too so it can be used as a mild body lotion or on top of your body lotion to make it less sticky. I figured maybe it will work as dry shampoo too? I don't know but it smells so nice that I was sold either way. It smells like (no way!) vanilla with a herbal tint to it. So lovely!

Another thing that I knew was on my wishlist was Powdered Sunshine, a sunscreen in powder form. That's right. How cool is that?! I figured I could use it as a setting powder for my makeup as I can't be bothered with applying liquid sunscreen every morning. It is SPF 15 and the salesperson told me a layer of this will give the same protection as a normal layer of sunscreen. Of course it is a powder so it will wear off sooner but I'm fine with that because reapplying it is so easy. I will try this out as a setting powder and it if works well I will definitely give an update!
Edit: this review will be up in a few weeks I think, so I can properly test wether it breaks me out or not, as both powders and sunscreen tends to do!

What are your favourite Lush products?