27 mrt. 2015

New Love: Indie Makeup Brands + Recommendations

I'm more and more turned off by big major cosmetics companies. Not only are so many companies dishonoust about their cruelty-free status, but contain some shady ingredients too. Of course, there are some high-end brands that I do love, but I couldn't fight the feeling that I could get the same amazing stuffz more less money and more transparency about what's going on behind the screens. I found all of that in indie brands.

While I was supposed to study my behind off during the last weeks for the exams that I'm having at the moment - which I was, don't worry -, in my little studybreaks I was strolling down the virtual isles of these little brands. I was so amazed with what I saw. Now, I'm not the biggest eyeshadowlover in the universe, the shades I've came across looked so fantastic that I might turn that around. I saw all these spectacular colours that I've never seen before at any other brands - I'm saying blue shades with a red sheen, taupe shades with a purple sheen, bright opaque yellow colours - oh my.

Also, the fortunate thing is that not only they are cheap but most brands offer sample sizes too, mostly for only a dollar or so, that contain a genourous amount for the price. Talking about a bang for your buck! Plus, most of the companies pay close attention to their ingredients so about NONE of these companies have parabens, parfume or other harmful nastiness in their products. About all of these brands are completely cruelty-free as a lot of them are based at their homes and if anything they test their products on themselves, and most are vegan too! Not to mention all of the products have amazing quality 'cause they're pigmented as frick!! And last but not least, how cute is it that you get to support a person who spends their time to pursue their dream to make such amazing products at home?
Concluding: what more could you ask for?

Here are some companies that I came across the last couple of days. As I see it now, I will probably place an order at all of them. So if you're curious if they're anything good... you just wait, hehe.

Pure Luxe Cosmetics -

This is the first company I came across with. I was searching for a cruelty-free dupe for my MAC pigment in Vanilla and this company came up twice so I took a look. Apparently, this company was tha in 2008 since all of the reviews on YouTube I saw were from that time. I shed a tear watching this YouTube flashback, back to the good ol' days. Anyway, the company was founded by Christina Kochner when she saw what kind of terrible ingredients there were in products from other brands. So, she founded her own company, with mostly (if not only) mineral makeup. You can read more about it on her 'About Us' page. The page looks not really professional to say the least but it makes it extra cute in my opinion.

She carries a BIG range of colours so there's something for anyone. She also has brushes, correctors, powders and blushes. I heard the quality is really good but soon I can tell for myself, as I made my first order here that I'm really excited for!

Fyrinnae -

I came across this when I was looking for a better, cheaper, less scandalous option for the LimeCrime Velveteen in Black Velvet, and I found it - and more. They sell shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, as said matte liquid lipsticks, powders and primers. They are especially known for their Pixie Epoxy that makes their shimmer stand out big time. This company doesn't carry as much as Pure Luxe but makes up for that by creating STUNNING, really special shades. Here a swatch for Mephisto, one of their pigments:


I died and this is heaven. Look at it, LOOK AT IT! I rest my case.

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics -

This company is based on Etsy. They too offer samples, in the cutest 'Trial Viales' as they're called. You can choose 10 for 10 bucks or 5 for 5 bucks, or just the normal size of course. They don't have colours as special as Fyrinnae but they have some really good matte shades, such as a bright red or a burnt orange. A quote from their site:

"All pigments are cruelty-free and free of parabens, fillers, fragrances, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and every other strange unpronounceable ingredient listed in store brand cosmetics. Many of our pigments are vegan. Every color is custom blended, never repackaged or created from pre-made bases."

Source, these are those Trial Vailes, how adorable.
Okay I will shut up now because I could go on forever. But be prepared, I will probably find more shops and get you more recommendations.

Are you interested in indie brands?