28 apr. 2015

Lush Powdered Sunshine Review (Sunscreen As A Setting Powder?!).

Again, I'm so so so sorry y'all had to wait for this for over a month now. I wanted to review it sooner but either I didn't had the time, the pictures were off (they still aren't the best but otherwise I will be delayed even more) etcetera. But I've learned my lesson and will try to be a little bit better with planning!

One of the multiple things I don't like about warm, sunny weather is sunscreen. It gives a white cast, it's sticky, it breaks me out, it super chemical and I could go on. When I saw this sunscreen from Lush in a powder form - yeah - I NEEDED to try it. No more sticky hands with sand all over it when you're on the beach. Just bring your kabukibrush and you're good to go! I could use it even as a setting powder for my foundation. Well, that was my intention with this. Did it deliver?

Lush Powdered Sunshine Review

25 apr. 2015

Kiko - 497.

I LOVE Kiko polishes. They are probably my favourite polish brand ever. They are affordable (2,50E hello), stay on so long, dry fast, have gorgeous, special shades. have great formulas, not too runny or too thick... what else could you ask for? A Kiko store in Amsterdam, that's something.

No different story with this one. I won't repeat the entire list, but it does really work nicely. Some have said this to be a dupe for Chanel Taboo. Now, I don't have that one, but I have seen comparisons and it is really really similar. Maybe a tad warmer, I think. (You can read the comparisan here.)
It's a purple shade with pink, purple and blue shimmer. In the shadow it has subtle silver glitter specks (like Taboo). Stunning!

This polish was €2,50 at the Kiko store.

Kiko 497 swatch

Kiko 497 swatch

Kiko 497 swatch

What's your favourite Kiko polish?

22 apr. 2015

My Paris Pictures.

Last weekend I was in Paris, as some of you may have known. We went there on Friday with the bus. It was an 8 hour ride but it was much easier to do than expected! We got enough stops and I got something to read so I was okay. And hey, for 25 euros (!) for a round trip, you can't complain. Here are my pictures from that weekend!

I was there with my boyfriend and some friends, visiting a friend (friend, friend, friend) who is au pair for some months in Paris. And for her birthday, she let us come over! Friday and Saturday we were there with friends, but Sunday and Monday I just walked around the city with my boyfriend.

20 apr. 2015

Lush Aromaco + The Greeench Deodorant Review.

Okay, I'm sorry, I promised this review weeks ago. But hey, I wanted to test this products out properly before reviewing them, mkay. So well, here we go.

Weeks and weeks ago I went to Lush. In my haul I told I'm getting into natural deodorant because of the nasty stuff there's in regular drugstore deodorants. Remember? Yeah? Good, then we can carry on. I heard Lush had some great deodorants so I got some information and samples, and tried them out.

Lush Aromaco The Greeench

17 apr. 2015

MAX Cosmetics - Deep Sea.

If you've paid a bit of attention you may have picked up that I was in Paris last weekend. Needless to say I HAD to adjust my nailpolish to that event - yeah, I'm one of those people. And for some reason Paris in spring just screams pastel shades to me, does anyone else have that? Doesn't it just reminds you of Natalie Portman roaming the street in a Dior commercial? Well, I do have that image. So I wanted something pastel. This was actually the only shade of pastel polish that I have (next to that Essence baby pink nailpolish that I showed some weeks ago, but that was too recent so nah), so I was rocking it like a rock at a rockconcert.

The formula of this was horrible. HORRIBLE. The day after applying (or even the same day?) it started showing cracks in the polish - not chips, just downright cracks. It was so weird, I've never seen any polish do that before. And of course, it started chipping like nothing else after the cracks appeared. In addition to the 5 coats it took to get opaque (6 would be better actually) it was just not meant to be. I think we'll go our separate ways after this, 'cause ain't nobody got time for this! Good thing it was only 50 cents. So if you go to the Action, please let this one rest in the shelfves. It's better for everyone.
(Now that I think of it, it also can be the new topcoat from Catrice that I'm trying out. If that's the case I will update.)

Nuff talking, more showing:

MAX Deep Sea Swatch
In this picture it looks brighter than it is!

15 apr. 2015

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Review + Swatches.

It all started when I was looking for a dupe for my MAC pigment in Vanilla. I LOVE this stuff, the shade (especially the peachy/copper sheen) is so pretty, but little rabbits have suffered for it, so I wanted to find a dupe that is cruelty free. On the hunt I came across a brand that was mentioned twice with different pigment that sounded similar to the pigment. It was Pure Luxe Cosmetics.

The pigments were Moon Glow and Copper Aura. I didn't know which one was the closest to Vanilla and they were both just $1 for a sample so I thought, meh, what the heck, and ordered both. Not only those actually, a bunch more!

9 apr. 2015

UPDATE: Paris & Pure Luxe.

Don't you just love the alliteration in the title? I know I do.

Anyway, a little update. I wanted to announce that I'll be staying in Paris this weekend, visiting a friend who is au pair there for a few months. She's throwing a birthdayparty and the people she's staying at allow her to invite people and sleep over! How cool is that! I don't have free from school or anything but I don't have class on fridays and mondays so I can make a long weekend out of it. Very yolo indeed. But that's where I'll be staying this weekend. So again, no blogpost coming from me this weekend, just so y'all know.

No source: my picture, hehe.

On to announcement no. 2: My Pure Luxe order arrived! SO. EXCITE. Little spoilert alert: I've swatched and tried almost everything and I have to say, overall I'm very pleased. Review coming soon!

Sorry for the short post, but I thought I had to give a little update (and brag about my cool little yolo-trip - that word kind of became extinct now, didn't it?). I'm leaving tomorrow, with a 6 hour-long busride (yay! but it was cheap, so what can you do). So if you'll excuse me, I'll be packing my bags now.

Are you going to do something special this weekend?

5 apr. 2015

Why I Recommend Going Cruelty Free.

Side note: before I write this post, I wanted to make clear that I am in no way a fan of shoving your beliefs down other people's throats, especially about lifestyle. If you don't want to go (fully) cruelty free and don't really see the point in it, that's fine. You do you! I wanted to make this post mostly for people that are considering it or are interested in the lifestyle. If you get something from it, great, but if you don't, that's okay too!

As some of you may or may not know, I solely (try to) buy cosmetics/skincare etcetera that is completely cruelty free. Anecdote time: I remember myself, being 11 or so, going to the drugstore to buy my very first deodorant, with a list printed out of brands that didn't test on animals. Oh how adorable I was! Anyway, I don't want to discuss what exactly I mean with cruelty free (about mothercompanies, 'cruelty free' companies that also sell in China and so on), maybe I'll do that in another post. I'm sorry if I come across a bit as a hippie (although I have to admit that I am a little bit of a hippie) but this is the way I see it. But anyhow, here are the reason why I recommend going cruelty free.

1 apr. 2015

Essence - Sweet As Candy.

Now, I'm quite big fan of vampy, dark purple polishes (heck, it's probably about the half of my stash) but every now and then you have to spice it up a little. My way to do that is to bust out the light pink polishes! Sweet As Candy is a sweet polish, as the name suggests. Soft pink and milky. I'm loving these kinds of shades. Light, sophisticated and very suitable for spring.

The polish itself isn't a dream, though. On the pictures I wear 3 pretty thin layers, and it still wasn't fully opaque and still a tiny bit streaky. I can still kind of see my nails through it, but it makes a good base for a french manicure! The drying time isn't the best either. It dries pretty quickly to touch, but after 3 hours I still got dents in it. That could be the new topcoat by Catrice I'm using, but I think it's the polish. I'm wearing it now for the second day and I already got a minor chip, which is pretty fast for me.

There are good parts to it, though. The finish is very glossy and high shine. I like the brush too: it's wide and fits my nail perfectly. All in all, a pretty mediocre polish. Not bad, but not really good either. But hey, you get what you pay for. For €1,69, I honestly can't really complain.

Oh and this is from their new, 'gel-nailpolish-without-lamp' line. You are supposed to use this with their new base- and topcoat, but I found that out later. Without those, it performs like the old Essence polishes. So I don't know if the base- and topcoat will help, sorry!

Essence Sweet As Candy Swatch