1 apr. 2015

Essence - Sweet As Candy.

Now, I'm quite big fan of vampy, dark purple polishes (heck, it's probably about the half of my stash) but every now and then you have to spice it up a little. My way to do that is to bust out the light pink polishes! Sweet As Candy is a sweet polish, as the name suggests. Soft pink and milky. I'm loving these kinds of shades. Light, sophisticated and very suitable for spring.

The polish itself isn't a dream, though. On the pictures I wear 3 pretty thin layers, and it still wasn't fully opaque and still a tiny bit streaky. I can still kind of see my nails through it, but it makes a good base for a french manicure! The drying time isn't the best either. It dries pretty quickly to touch, but after 3 hours I still got dents in it. That could be the new topcoat by Catrice I'm using, but I think it's the polish. I'm wearing it now for the second day and I already got a minor chip, which is pretty fast for me.

There are good parts to it, though. The finish is very glossy and high shine. I like the brush too: it's wide and fits my nail perfectly. All in all, a pretty mediocre polish. Not bad, but not really good either. But hey, you get what you pay for. For €1,69, I honestly can't really complain.

Oh and this is from their new, 'gel-nailpolish-without-lamp' line. You are supposed to use this with their new base- and topcoat, but I found that out later. Without those, it performs like the old Essence polishes. So I don't know if the base- and topcoat will help, sorry!

Essence Sweet As Candy Swatch

Essence Sweet As Candy Swatch

Essence Sweet As Candy Swatch

Do you know a pink, milky polish that actually can be opaque?