25 apr. 2015

Kiko - 497.

I LOVE Kiko polishes. They are probably my favourite polish brand ever. They are affordable (2,50E hello), stay on so long, dry fast, have gorgeous, special shades. have great formulas, not too runny or too thick... what else could you ask for? A Kiko store in Amsterdam, that's something.

No different story with this one. I won't repeat the entire list, but it does really work nicely. Some have said this to be a dupe for Chanel Taboo. Now, I don't have that one, but I have seen comparisons and it is really really similar. Maybe a tad warmer, I think. (You can read the comparisan here.)
It's a purple shade with pink, purple and blue shimmer. In the shadow it has subtle silver glitter specks (like Taboo). Stunning!

This polish was €2,50 at the Kiko store.

Kiko 497 swatch

Kiko 497 swatch

Kiko 497 swatch

What's your favourite Kiko polish?