20 apr. 2015

Lush Aromaco + The Greeench Deodorant Review.

Okay, I'm sorry, I promised this review weeks ago. But hey, I wanted to test this products out properly before reviewing them, mkay. So well, here we go.

Weeks and weeks ago I went to Lush. In my haul I told I'm getting into natural deodorant because of the nasty stuff there's in regular drugstore deodorants. Remember? Yeah? Good, then we can carry on. I heard Lush had some great deodorants so I got some information and samples, and tried them out.

Lush Aromaco The Greeench

Lush Aromaco The Greeench

Lush Aromaco The Greeench

Aromaco + Vanilla Puff

Here, I combined Aromco with Vanilla Puff as it was supposed to help with absorbtion. I didn't test Aromaco on its own, but I was sure that Vanilla Puff wouldn't reduce the effectiveness and I wanted optimal results.

Aromaco comes in a solid, bar form. The scent of this is, like the rest of the deodorants, quite herbal. I like it, but it definitely doesn't smell like your average deodorant. Don't expect flowerfield scents here, mates.
To touch it feels like a dry bar of soap. This was one of my complaints about it: it was fairly dry to touch so feels mildly scratchy on the skin. After a couple of seconds it warms up a bit and applying becomes a bit easier.

Vanilla Puff is in powder form and not necessarily a deodorant, but it can function as a topper. It smells like vanilla obviously, but with a touch of herbal to it. I really like it, but I like everything remotely vanillascented. Weither this really helped absorb, I'm not entirely sure, because as said I didn't test it without it (now I feel like I should have - oh well). The thing I didn't like about this was that it made my armpits itch a bit. Not a lot, but I had to scratch a few times a day when I wore this on top of Aromaco. Maybe I have too sensitive skin, so I'm sure this won't happen to everyone.

But, does it work? Not a lot. I didn't feel like I smelled like sweat the entire day, but I never have that. I feel like it reduced the smell somewhat, but not as much as I'd like it. After a few hours, I didn't smell an obvious scent when smelling my armpits, but when I rubbed my fingers on my armpit and smelled those, I noticed a sweat smell. It didn't stop me from sweating, but then again, it isn't marketed as an antiperspirant. So yeah, this one was not for me.

Lush Aromaco The Greeench

The Greeench + Vanilla Puff

The Greeench is again in powder form, so it came in a little container. I was quite surprised with
how big the sample was, as this little container can probably last quite some time.
Anyway, The Greeench has a very strong herbal scent. Think strong lavender mixed with tea trea (the last one is actually in there). This was one of the reasons why I didn't like it. It smells like something you could use in the kitchen, not deodorant-like at all. This is personal of course, but I can imagine a lot of people scaring away from this because of the scent. So, I just had to add Vanilla Puff - although I have to say that the scent of The Greeench isn't that obvious when applied to my armpits, but Vanilla Puff definitely helped.

But, does it work? Same with Aromaco, unfortunately. It didn't keep the smell away entirely, but it did help somewhat.

Overall: the verdict
With both Aromaco and The Greeench, I don't feel like I would repurchase it. It just didn't do the job for me. I don't sweat heavily, but I'm definitely not a 'any deodorant works for me' type of person. So, I'm on my journey again to find a dupe for my Lady Speed Stick *sigh*.

If you are interested in Lush' deodorants, I would recommend getting samples! Aromaco is €7,20 for 100 grams and The Greeench is €11,95 for a bottle of 75 grams.

Will you be checking these out in store?