28 apr. 2015

Lush Powdered Sunshine Review (Sunscreen As A Setting Powder?!).

Again, I'm so so so sorry y'all had to wait for this for over a month now. I wanted to review it sooner but either I didn't had the time, the pictures were off (they still aren't the best but otherwise I will be delayed even more) etcetera. But I've learned my lesson and will try to be a little bit better with planning!

One of the multiple things I don't like about warm, sunny weather is sunscreen. It gives a white cast, it's sticky, it breaks me out, it super chemical and I could go on. When I saw this sunscreen from Lush in a powder form - yeah - I NEEDED to try it. No more sticky hands with sand all over it when you're on the beach. Just bring your kabukibrush and you're good to go! I could use it even as a setting powder for my foundation. Well, that was my intention with this. Did it deliver?

Lush Powdered Sunshine Review

 It product comes in a bottle. Now, that isn't necessarily the most convenient thing since sliced bread,
but it does work if you're going to use it as your average sunscreen - just throw some in your hand
and spread it everywhere. But I wanted to use this as a setting powder mostly, so I took an empty powder container by Catrice and put it in there!

Lush Powdered Sunshine Review
The product

Lush Powdered Sunshine Review
Blended out
The powder itself feels really nice. It is smooth and blends out into nothingness. I can put on quite a heavy layer and it won't look powdery, even on my dry skin. It is really, réally finely milled. I don't know how it will look on deeper skin tones because I'm quite fair, but on me, it was fairly undetectable. Definitely not the same white face Geisha look that normal sunscreen tends to give! About the smell; it smells a bit herbally, a bit like Aromaco. Quite pleasant.

The SPF isn't really high (15) but I think that's due to the natural ingredients. Natural sunscreen usually doesn't give a higher SPF than this, in my experience. It has an UV-A factor medium. I have to be honest, I didn't try this like a normal sunscreen where you would just spread it everywhere with your fingers. I think that will work fine too, but I didn't buy it for that purpose. Thing to note: you have to reapply this every 2 hours, but since I can do that with a brush I don't mind that.

But how does it perform as a setting powder?

Just with foundation

Foundation set with Powdered Sunshine
Sorry for the difference in lighting, but the second picture captured the effect the best.

As a setting powder, I LOVE this. It gives the prettiest, perfected effect on the skin. Think super powdery and the complete opposite of that. It looks like velvet! It doesn't provide any coverage, obviously, but it doesn't give a white cast at all on my fair skin. It mattifies really nicely and makes the foundation look like skin! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Only downside to this... it breaks me out. Yes. Complete bummer. But, only on my forehead though! So I will continue to use this on the rest of my face.

Can it replace normal sunscreen all together? I'm not sure. The salesman at Lush said that I gives the same protection as a normal layer of sunscreen, but because it doesn't give a white cast you can't really tell where you've put it and whether you've put enough on. Maybe it just because it doesn't look like I have sunscreen on I think it doesn't do anything so I don't really know. I never go out it the bright sun all day because I kind of detest direct sunlight so I don't burn easily anyway, so I can't say a lot about that. Sorry if I didn't give enough information about that! If you know more, please let me know in the comments!

The verdict:
As a setting powder I can really recommend it. It gives a stunning finish. As a normal sunscreen, I still am on the fence wether it can completely replace it because I don't go in the direct sun so often, but it is definitely worth a try!

It is available at Lush for €8,95 for a bottle of 100 grams. It will probably last you a long long time!