22 apr. 2015

My Paris Pictures.

Last weekend I was in Paris, as some of you may have known. We went there on Friday with the bus. It was an 8 hour ride but it was much easier to do than expected! We got enough stops and I got something to read so I was okay. And hey, for 25 euros (!) for a round trip, you can't complain. Here are my pictures from that weekend!

I was there with my boyfriend and some friends, visiting a friend (friend, friend, friend) who is au pair for some months in Paris. And for her birthday, she let us come over! Friday and Saturday we were there with friends, but Sunday and Monday I just walked around the city with my boyfriend.

 I skipped Saturday because I forgot my camera (hehe) and we just kind of walked around the city, so I didn't capture that. Pretty much all of these pictures were taken on Sunday. Above you can see Place des Vosges. A beautiful park in a beautiful neighbourhood. We just sat there for 2 hours, just looking at people. It was so lovely!

Zhe bird enjoyed it too.

That day we went to the new Picasso Museum too. I have to say, I like Picasso, but it never really gets me going. This piece by Matisse that hung there as well, I liked more actually!

Seen from the Picasso Museum, Centre Pompidou and the Eiffel tower!

Macaron time! My boyfriend never tried it so we bought one. Honestly, I don't find it that special. Just a cookie with some fruit filling in the center. Nah, I prefer crêpes fo' sho!


That night we went out to eat. Behold, le bf.

Behold, le gf.

When in France, what do you eat... hamburgers. That's right. How French. We heard the pain in the waiters voice when we ordered them but hey, we were feeling like it so what can you do. They were great, by the way!

WHO RECOGNISES THIS? It's the magical stairs from Midnight in Paris! It wasn't even my intention, but I kind of nailed Owen Wilsons' pose, too.


I made more pictures but I don't feel like every single one was that interesting, so I made this selection. I hope you liked it! On Monday we went on a bit of a shopping stroll but I didn't buy that many interesting stuff so I won't do a haul. After that we hopped on the bus again. I had a great time! 

When was your last time in Paris? Did you ever go there?