15 apr. 2015

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Review + Swatches.

It all started when I was looking for a dupe for my MAC pigment in Vanilla. I LOVE this stuff, the shade (especially the peachy/copper sheen) is so pretty, but little rabbits have suffered for it, so I wanted to find a dupe that is cruelty free. On the hunt I came across a brand that was mentioned twice with different pigment that sounded similar to the pigment. It was Pure Luxe Cosmetics.

The pigments were Moon Glow and Copper Aura. I didn't know which one was the closest to Vanilla and they were both just $1 for a sample so I thought, meh, what the heck, and ordered both. Not only those actually, a bunch more!

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Review

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Review
I did my best on the composition. Forgive me.
The samples cost $1 each (some $2, but never more than $2,50 I think) and give you quite a generous amount for the price. I can see these lasting me long time! The pots are quite easy to open but don't open up themselves. Nothing to complain here!

Oh and excuse my messy swatches, I've never swatched loose pigments before. Any tips?

First off, I got:

  • Dusk (eyeshadow): 'Soft dove gray, Completely matte.' My take: dark grey, slight satin finish. I think this is a perfect shade for a smokey eye!
  • Posh (blush): 'Medium mauve shade. Low shimmer.' My take: mauve-pinky shade with dark pink shimmer. This is a pretty shade and the shimmer is quite special, but the loose powder form isn't very practical. This is my own fault really, I could have known this. Maybe I can press it?
  • Aprils Mix (a mix/finishing powder): 'A blend of correctors, bronzers, Radiance and You Glow Girl powder'. My take: a peachy-beige powder with small glitter particles. Turns slightly orange over primer. Really pretty though! Not sure if I will use it as an finishing powder because of the glitter, but as an eyeshadow it functions nicely.
Swatches (over primer):

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatch Dusk Posh Aprils Mix

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatch Dusk Posh Aprils Mix
Detail: Dusk, Posh, April's Mix
Next 3:
  • Ivory (foundation). Doesn't have a description on the website, but it is a pretty pale beige with a strong yellow undertone. I was surprised with this foundation. The coverage was way better than I ever expected! It covered redness really nicely, about the same coverage as a normal foundation! I would call it a medium coverage. The finish was powdery but not too cakey or too visible. Unfortunately, it broke me out. After 10 minutes of wear I woke up the next day with 3 pimples on my cheeks - I NEVER get pimples there. This is why I didn't make a full face photo. Such a bummer, but that doesn't mean it can't work for other people! EDIT: This is a fantastic under eye powder concealer. I've been getting a lot of use out if it that way! It really brigtens and covers a lot. Definitely recommend! EDIT no 2: Turns out it was a bit too light for me to use as an undereye concealer. Plus, I got dry patches around my eye when I have used this. Not sure if it was this powder that caused it, but I threw it out.
  • Pure (eyeshadow): 'Snow white. Completely matte.' My take: white with a satin finish. I bought this because I've been lemming Sugarpill's Tako forever but it is on the expensive side so I hoped for a cheaper dupe. Unfortunately, the finish isn't matte but satin, and it is not incredibly pigmented so it's not a dupe. Still a nice shade though. 
  • What Red? (Colour Eraser): A green shade to neutralize redness. This was too dark for me and I didn't feel like this made a lot of difference, so this was a miss for me. The texture was really nice! It felt soft and like a mousse, a bit silicony. They sell this in other colours too (or just translucent, as a primer) so maybe I will check those out in the future.
Swatches (over primer):

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatch Ivory Pure What Red

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatch Ivory Pure What Red
Detail: Ivory, Pure, What Red?
And lastly, my babies:

  • Copper Aura: No description on site. I find it hard to describe. I'd say a white/beige base with copper shimmer when it is more blended out, and even pink when blended out even more. Indeed VERY similar to Vanilla.
  • Moon Glow: 'Light buttery yellow in the jar. Buffing brings out a warm peach shade.'  My take: very similar to both Copper Aura and Vanilla. It seems to have more of a golden/yellow base though. It has the same copper/pink shimmer as Copper Aura.
These are both SO PRETTY!

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatch Copper Aura Moon Glow

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatch Copper Aura Moon Glow
Detail: Copper Aura, Moon Glow

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatch Copper Aura Moon Glow
In other lighting.

Overall, I was pleased with the pigments. Needless to say, the last two - Copper Aura and Moon Glow - were my favourites for sure. I will make an comparison post with Vanilla to see which one is the closest dupe! The rest of what I got was a hit and miss really. I probably won't be getting a lot of use out of Posh, Ivory and What Red?, but for the rest I'm pleased.

The customer service was fine. I didn't have to contact her personally but I got a little note from her which I always appreciate!

Yep, I can recommend this brand. The quality of the shadows is really good, especially for the price. Trust the description on the site more than the photo's, though. The pictures aren't super accurate.

EDIT: It seems that Pure Luxe Cosmetics is out of business. The website no longer exists. However, it has been brought to my attention that Pure Luxe might have been repackaging pigments from TKBtrading, a pigment wholesaler. I'm not sure if this is true or not. To find out, I will order some of their products and compare with mine. I will make a blogpost about it that I will link here. Or you can follow me on Bloglovin' to stay up-to-date (click on the right). Cheers!

What do you think of this brand? Will you look into it?