5 apr. 2015

Why I Recommend Going Cruelty Free.

Side note: before I write this post, I wanted to make clear that I am in no way a fan of shoving your beliefs down other people's throats, especially about lifestyle. If you don't want to go (fully) cruelty free and don't really see the point in it, that's fine. You do you! I wanted to make this post mostly for people that are considering it or are interested in the lifestyle. If you get something from it, great, but if you don't, that's okay too!

As some of you may or may not know, I solely (try to) buy cosmetics/skincare etcetera that is completely cruelty free. Anecdote time: I remember myself, being 11 or so, going to the drugstore to buy my very first deodorant, with a list printed out of brands that didn't test on animals. Oh how adorable I was! Anyway, I don't want to discuss what exactly I mean with cruelty free (about mothercompanies, 'cruelty free' companies that also sell in China and so on), maybe I'll do that in another post. I'm sorry if I come across a bit as a hippie (although I have to admit that I am a little bit of a hippie) but this is the way I see it. But anyhow, here are the reason why I recommend going cruelty free.

- The most important one, away with the guilt! No more looking at your shampoo/lipstick/whatever thinking 'all these bunnies who have suffered for it and here I am supporting that'. You can go to sleep at night with a clear conscience knowing that you didn't invest in that nastiness. You can make the world a better place a little, just buy not buying certain brands.

- If you don't have the money to support charity, see buying cruelty free products as a way of doing so. Because indirectly you make a statement against non CF company's, that you don't agree with their ways. And the numbers of people who think like that will add up and the company will feel that in their wallets, which may lead to them changing their actions. (Maybe a little optimistic there, but I definitely think there is truth in it).

- Your horizon will expand and you will look beyond the drugstore brands like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Max Factor and so on. Because, at least in the Netherlands, the majority of all the drugstore products available here is not cruelty free. So, you have to find it somewhere else, right? If I still would buy products that are tested on animals I would probably never got into indie brands, and see the wonderful products that they offer me that I wouldn't ever have found at drugstore brands!

- It makes shopping for makeup more interesting. If I find an awesome product that works miracles and also is cruelty free, I get a great satisfaction out of that - weird, I know. If I got all of these filters (cruelty free, no parabens, no other harmful stuff) and a product passes my checklist, I know I've found the chosen one!

- This one is not really a reason, but I want to make clear that it is not hard. At all. Sure, somedays I drool about MAC lipsticks, but then I remember - it's just makeup. It's really not a big deal. Yeah, it's one of my biggest hobby's and I would really miss it once it's gone, but your life doesn't depend on it. And is that worth all of the animals that die each year from the testing? I don't think so. And in case you really want to find a product that works exactly the same: there are always dupes.

I am in no way a saint (I'm not vegan or vegetarian, for that matter) but I find testing on animals just for the sake of us being able to look prettier, ridiculous. That's why I wanted to write this post. Well again, if you still choose purseed to buy products tested on animals, you should. This is not meant to make you feel bad in any way. But if I made someone out there choose for a cruelty free option next time, I succeeded!

Do you try to buy cruelty free brands?