9 apr. 2015

UPDATE: Paris & Pure Luxe.

Don't you just love the alliteration in the title? I know I do.

Anyway, a little update. I wanted to announce that I'll be staying in Paris this weekend, visiting a friend who is au pair there for a few months. She's throwing a birthdayparty and the people she's staying at allow her to invite people and sleep over! How cool is that! I don't have free from school or anything but I don't have class on fridays and mondays so I can make a long weekend out of it. Very yolo indeed. But that's where I'll be staying this weekend. So again, no blogpost coming from me this weekend, just so y'all know.

No source: my picture, hehe.

On to announcement no. 2: My Pure Luxe order arrived! SO. EXCITE. Little spoilert alert: I've swatched and tried almost everything and I have to say, overall I'm very pleased. Review coming soon!

Sorry for the short post, but I thought I had to give a little update (and brag about my cool little yolo-trip - that word kind of became extinct now, didn't it?). I'm leaving tomorrow, with a 6 hour-long busride (yay! but it was cheap, so what can you do). So if you'll excuse me, I'll be packing my bags now.

Are you going to do something special this weekend?