31 mei 2015

Indie Review: AddictiveCosmetics Eyeshadow & Lipstick.

First review of my pretty massive (for my standards at least) beauty haul! AddictiveCosmetics is the first one in the series.


26 mei 2015

Essie Devil's Advocate + HEMA 47 glitter topcoat.

I've been seriously lacking with my blogposts, for which I'm sorry! But I was so busy with school blahblah yadayada, you get the point (still true though). On to the nails!

This nail combination is one of my go to nailpolish. Whenever I feel grungy yet fabulous, I go for this. The black from Essie (although any black will do) paired with the sparkly topcoat by HEMA is just magic. I feel like this topcoat is an underdog, I never hear anybody talk about it. The sparkles are rainbow coloured and in certain lighting it just looks - aahh. Pretty nailpolish is pretty.

Funfact, I got the Essie polish for $3 in an outlet in New York. Ding ding, awesomess alert.

Two coats of the Essie one with one coat of the topcoat.

Essie Devil's Advocate HEMA 47

19 mei 2015

Collective Etsy Makeup Haul: Indie Galore!

The month of april has been the month of Etsy for me. I discovered this awesome site during that month and oh boy, my wallet surely has noticed.

A lot of indie brands have an Etsy store apart from their own webshop, so Etsy is a great place to start if you're getting into indie makeup (like me)! The only downside is that shipping to the Netherlands is a pain in the buttocks. It differs from store to store, but the best case scenario is a $6 shipping fee. Mostly, it's around $9, which sucks potatoes. But hey, I'm happy to pay the price for natural and less harmful makeup!

13 mei 2015

Kiko - 255 polish.

Here we are again with a Kiko polish. I just realised that pretty much all of my Kiko polishes are purple - oh well. Can't help it, they just make them in the exact shades that I have a weakness for. Again, the quality of this polish is amazeballs. Easy application, dry time is great, stays on my nails until the apocalyps, and have the most beautiful shades. Sorry if I sound like a broken record but I just can't help it. Kiko is love, Kiko is life.

255 is a straight up blue toned purple with multicoloured sparkles.

Kiko 255 swatch

10 mei 2015

MAC Vanilla Pigment Dupe? Comparison With Pure Luxe Cosmetics Eyeshadows.

MAC Vanilla pigment is such a stunning, unique colour. Because honestly now, how many coppercoloured highlights have you seen in your life that look good on your skin? Yes, that's what I thought. Close to none. That's funny though, because it can look really flattering. Needless to say I was completely head over heels with Vanilla when I first got it. It was just a sample that I purchased, but it was still aching me that it wasn't cruelty free. So here is a comparison with some (cruelty free) Pure Luxe Cosmetics shadows that are pretty similar: Copper Aura and Moon Glow!

MAC Vanilla is a silvery pearlescent highlight with a copper duochrome. Again, it is so stunning, probably one of the prettiest highlights I've ever seen. Copper Aura and Moon Glow are similar, especially when it comes to the copper sheen.

MAC Vanilla dupe

6 mei 2015

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Brush Dupe (Vegan).

I don't want to spend too much money on brushes. There are so many cheap, good quality brushes and a lot of expensive brushes are made from natural hair (boo!). I could never imagine that someone would want to spend over $50 for a brush (if that's yo thang, you should do it, but personaly I don't see the point in doing so). So when I was in a Sephora a couple of weeks ago and saw some of the Nars brushes there, I was just kind of dazzled by how expensive they were. I have to say, the Nars Ita brush still intrigues me to this very day, but will I never spend a leg and an arm to get it.

Anyway, enough ranting. When I saw this brush by Born Pretty Store on a blog (can't remember which one, sorry) I was like 'yaaass, now I can try it without breaking the bank', because this brush, by the look of it, is an exact (but cheaper) dupe of the Nars Yachigo brush, which costs about $50. Let's see if it's worth the try!

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Dupe