6 mei 2015

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Brush Dupe (Vegan).

I don't want to spend too much money on brushes. There are so many cheap, good quality brushes and a lot of expensive brushes are made from natural hair (boo!). I could never imagine that someone would want to spend over $50 for a brush (if that's yo thang, you should do it, but personaly I don't see the point in doing so). So when I was in a Sephora a couple of weeks ago and saw some of the Nars brushes there, I was just kind of dazzled by how expensive they were. I have to say, the Nars Ita brush still intrigues me to this very day, but will I never spend a leg and an arm to get it.

Anyway, enough ranting. When I saw this brush by Born Pretty Store on a blog (can't remember which one, sorry) I was like 'yaaass, now I can try it without breaking the bank', because this brush, by the look of it, is an exact (but cheaper) dupe of the Nars Yachigo brush, which costs about $50. Let's see if it's worth the try!

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Dupe

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Dupe

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Dupe

The brush is rather big. It easily covers half of my cheek, so this will be a perfect blush brush. It is also quite tapered at the end so it can be used for contour and highlight as well. This is such a great multitask brush! I like to use it for contour or to set the under eye area (hey, another function!).

The handle is really thin so for most that will be something to get used to. It is really firm however and I don't think that the material (rattan I think it's called?) will come off in the near future. Yep, some high quality stuff going on here.

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Dupe

Born Pretty Store Nars Yachigo Dupe

But how does it feel? The bristles feel very soft to touch. It's not the softest thing ever, but it's far from scratchy. I gave the real Yachigo brush a stroke when I was in Sephora and I'm pretty sure that this one is actually softer (!!!) than the original. How cool is that! The only thing about is that I felt like it was goat hair. I'm not sure why I felt like this, it says in the description that the fibres are artificial. The bristles felt a bit stiffer (?) than my other artificial brushes. Ah well, as long as it's vegan, I'm a happy camper.

It did shed just a little bit before I washed it, but after that it was fine. Some bristles broke off but they are not that fragile overall.

Yes, I'm very content with this. It's a great addition to my brush collection. Did I mention the best part? It's only $4.29! And Born Pretty Store offers free shipping, hurray! I bought it here: link.

Edit: It's a couple months later now, and I pretty much never use this anymore. I have similar brushes that are softer and be used for the same thing. I still think it is better than the original though, as that one felt the exact same way. Skip both!

Do you often buy dupes?