26 mei 2015

Essie Devil's Advocate + HEMA 47 glitter topcoat.

I've been seriously lacking with my blogposts, for which I'm sorry! But I was so busy with school blahblah yadayada, you get the point (still true though). On to the nails!

This nail combination is one of my go to nailpolish. Whenever I feel grungy yet fabulous, I go for this. The black from Essie (although any black will do) paired with the sparkly topcoat by HEMA is just magic. I feel like this topcoat is an underdog, I never hear anybody talk about it. The sparkles are rainbow coloured and in certain lighting it just looks - aahh. Pretty nailpolish is pretty.

Funfact, I got the Essie polish for $3 in an outlet in New York. Ding ding, awesomess alert.

Two coats of the Essie one with one coat of the topcoat.

Essie Devil's Advocate HEMA 47

Essie Devil's Advocate HEMA 47
  Essie Devil's Advocate HEMA 47
A fuzzy shot, to capture the sparkles a bit better.

Essence Studio Nails Ultra Nail Repair
Essie Devil's Advocate
HEMA 47 glitter topcoat
Essence Better Than Gel Nails Topcoat

Have you heard of this polish before?