31 mei 2015

Indie Review: AddictiveCosmetics Eyeshadow & Lipstick.

First review of my pretty massive (for my standards at least) beauty haul! AddictiveCosmetics is the first one in the series.


As I mentioned in my haul, AddictiveCosmetics caught my eye because they had a navy blue lipstick. I was hesitant to buy Illasmasqua's Disciple because it is rather pricey and I heard the formula was not that great and very dry. Normally I don't have a problem with dry lipsticks - I got used to it throughout the years - but an alternative was welcome. So here it is!

The other thing about this shop was that she made dupes for the LimeCrime Venus Palette. Now, if you haven't lived under a rock you might know that LimeCrime's reputation is pretty much in the garbage right now, so I didn't want to buy from them, 10/10. The shades in the palette however, were drop dead gorgeous. So again, an alternative was more than welcome, and rather quickly my order was made. I only purchased six of the eight dupes, as I already own a dupe for Aura and Icon (or are close enough for me).

The eyeshadows
Let's start with the latter: the eyeshadows. These have a very strange consistency. They are powder, of course, but when you rub them between your fingers they are pretty sticky and... rough? It is really hard to explain, but they are not very smooth to touch. Not that they tuck on the eyes or anything but it's almost they stick to the skin really well. It's not a big deal or anything, they still work really well, but it was definitely different than what I am normally using. Good thing about these is that they are not powdery in the slightest (as far as that is possible for loose powders), so that's a plus.

Another great thing with these is that the pigmentation is amazing. It completely blew me out of the water.

When it comes to blendability, it kind of differs per shade. Some are super easy, others are less blendable, but it can be done!

Sorry for the fuzzy names, that's because of the packaging more than the picture
I have the following shades:
Sandstone, Abalone, Pocahontas, Sweet Nothing, Red Leather, Knockout.

Sandstone, Abalone, Pocahontas - direct sunlight
Sandstone, Abalone, Pocahontas - in the shadow
The first 3 shades:

  • Sandstone: a purply taupe with a subtle satin finish. Spoiler alert: my favourite shade for sure. It makes the prettiest crease shade. Very easy to blend out. Dupe for LC Divine.
  • Abalone: a soft pink with a stronger satin finish. This one is not as pigmented as the rest, but still lovely. Dupe for LC Shell.
  • Pocahontas: A beautiful burnt matte orange. In the pan, it reminds me of curry, or some indian food colouring! Not hard to blend. Supposed to be a dupe for LC Creation, but I think it's way lighter than the LimeCrime one.

Sweet Nothing, Red Leather, Knockout - Direct sunlight
Sweet Nothing, Red Leather, Knockout - in the shadow
  • Sweet nothing: a matte purple with burgundy undertone, slightly warmer than it appears in the pictures. The pigmentation with this one is amazing. Of all the shadows, this one is the hardest to blend out, but it's not impossible. Dupe for LC Venus.
  • Red Leather: a gorgeous deep matte red. More red than it appears in the pictures, again. Stunning colour! Somewhat hard to blend out too. Dupe for LC Muse.
  • Knockout: a bright reddish coral. It has some shimmer/small glitterparts to it. Works really nicely. Dupe for LC Rebirth.

The lipstick
On to the lipstick! The shade of Postmortem exactly what I was looking for. Navy but with a super subtle green undertone. It is super smooth, to the point where it is almost greasy, which is because of all the natural oils that are in there. It glides on the lips really easily and it is really moisturizing but it is not matte at all (which is what I was somewhat hoping for). It's okay though, it's comfortable on the lips, but I probably will continue my search for the perfect blue lipstick.

I got a mattifying powder along with it - which I forgot to take a picture of, whoops - so that somewhat helps with mattifying it, but it doesn't do the trick completely. 
I will post a FOTD wearing this lipstick in the future, so you can see it in action!

I got a sample of her blush, a dupe for Nars Orgasm called Orgasmic for free with my order. Heck yheas! It's a stunning pinkish shade with a strong golden reflect - heck, if you know Orgasm, just think Orgasm but with more pigment.

Orgasmic blush - Postmortem lipstick

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. The shadows have amazing pigment and the shades are amazing. I like that they aren't powdery too because powdery eyeshadows really make the fine lines on my eyelid really stand out, and I'm so pleased that these don't do that! Downside is that they aren't the smoothest or easiest to blend.

The lipstick is pretty but the consistency is oily. I'm really more of a matte lipstick type of person so I'm not the biggest fan of that. Fortunately the mattifying powder helps a bit with that!

The communication with Amber, the shopowner, was really great! She was nice and gave me great advice (I was asking if the shadows could be pressed).

I really would recommend this shop!

Eyeshadows are $5 each full size, but you can get 3 samples for the same price.
The lipstick - $8
Mattifying powder - $7 in a 5gr jar.

Have you heard of this shop before?

I bought this myself. All opinions are my own. Not affiliated.