10 mei 2015

MAC Vanilla Pigment Dupe? Comparison With Pure Luxe Cosmetics Eyeshadows.

MAC Vanilla pigment is such a stunning, unique colour. Because honestly now, how many coppercoloured highlights have you seen in your life that look good on your skin? Yes, that's what I thought. Close to none. That's funny though, because it can look really flattering. Needless to say I was completely head over heels with Vanilla when I first got it. It was just a sample that I purchased, but it was still aching me that it wasn't cruelty free. So here is a comparison with some (cruelty free) Pure Luxe Cosmetics shadows that are pretty similar: Copper Aura and Moon Glow!

MAC Vanilla is a silvery pearlescent highlight with a copper duochrome. Again, it is so stunning, probably one of the prettiest highlights I've ever seen. Copper Aura and Moon Glow are similar, especially when it comes to the copper sheen.

MAC Vanilla dupe

MAC Vanilla dupe

MAC Vanilla dupe
 PL Copper Aura, MAC Vanilla, PL Moon Glow (neutral light)

MAC Vanilla dupe
Bottom to top: PL Copper Aura, MAC Vanilla, PL Moon Glow (direct sunlight)

MAC Vanilla dupe
Bottom to top: PL Copper Aura, MAC Vanilla, PL Moon Glow (shadow)
Now how do they compare? As said, they all have the copper duochrome going on, even though it doesn't really show in the pictures. The thing I noticed with the Pure Luxe pigments was that the copper can turn a little more pinkish on the skin. Moreover, Moon Glow has a more yellow base colour and Copper Aura has a more peach base where Vanilla is more on the silver side and is slightly more shimmery. On the swatches they look rather different from each other but the difference, however, is minimal on the face. I didn't include pictures of how they looked as a cheek highlight, because simply the difference wasn't noticable.

Sidenote, can I add to this that Copper Aura stays on my face the ENTIRE frickin' day? No fading with this baby! Holy cow.

MAC Vanilla dupe

Conclusion? If you're looking for a cheaper option for the Vanilla pigment, go with Pure Luxe Copper Aura eyeshadow. Sure, it runs slightly more pinkish, but on the face the difference simply is neglectable. I'd say they are a 90% dupe. So save yourself some moneyz! If you wished Vanilla would be slightly more golden-albatross-ish, you could try Moon Glow. They are both amazing and honestly, I haven't touched my MAC sample since I got them.

Pure Luxe Cosmetics - Copper Aura and Moon Glow:
$1 for a 1gr. sample jar
$5 for a 5gr. jar
$9 for a 10gr. jar. Purchase link.

MAC Vanilla Pigment:
$10 for a 2,5gr. travel size
$21 for 4,5gr. full size.

... if I were you, I'd know whasup.

Do you often search for cheaper dupes?