26 jun. 2015

Essie - Dive Bar.

Hi y'all! I'm back in business. I didn't upload for a while because I had to finish a paper for school (about the artist Salvador Dalí - boy, is he a craycray dude) and I was in Paris last week, also for school. We did about 2 museums a day. Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Centre Pompidou - you name it. It was so devastating and tiring, but so much fun! As for now, I'm in Venice as we speak (am I Mrs. Worldwide or what? Pittbull ain't got nothing on me).

I didn't wear nailpolish for weeks, but some time ago I did shoot some pictures of this beautiful polish by Essie. Can you tell I'm on a Essie kick lately? For some reason I tend to wear the same brand for a while, no idea where that is coming from.

Dive Bar is a stunning blue/turqoise shade. But wait, there's more! When it hits the half-shade, it has a purple/navy duochrome to it (second picture). So beautiful and rare. Essie is such great brand when it comes to special shades. But regarding their animal testing, I no longer buy from them. Pft, whatever, I can dry my tears, go to a Kiko store and be satisfied.

This was 3 coats. The drying time is average. It lasted 7 days (!!!!! with 2 workdays!) on my nails.

Essie Dive Bar swatch

10 jun. 2015

Indie Review: Brija Cosmetics Eyeshadows & Highlighters.

The second one in the series! Pumpkin and Poppy is yet to come, so stick around for that one. Here we are with Brija Cosmetics. This brand was founded by the fairly young beautyvlogger Brianna Jane (also known as 'iluvjesse444' on Youtube). She began to make her own cosmetics when she was in college and now she graduated, it's becoming fairly big.

Anyhow, the catchy thing with her brand are the names and the collections. All of them are based on movies, series or just phenomenons in general. She has a Mean Girls blush collection, a Harry Potter collection, Downton Abbey, Dexter, One Tree Hill, Charmed and so on. The names are great as well and they are just so fun! I really like that. The shades are pretty special and unusual too. So let's take a look, shall we?

7 jun. 2015

Essie - Sexy Divide.

This is one of the underdogs in my nailpolish collection. Every time it just sits in on my nailpolish shelf doing nothing but when I pop it out I fall in love all over again. This isn't your average purple nailpolish. It has a blueish undertone and has some magnificent shimmer. This is actually one of the polishes that I might use up completely, it is already down to 1/3 of the bottle. Essie is not cruelty free but I bought this polish at a time when I thought it was. This shade, however, is quite hard to dupe. Thank goodness gracious that I already have a backup (whoops).

Time to be Downer Danny: it is discontinued. And yes, you are allowed to cry. Let me wait up a minute so you can take your time. Edit: apparently, it's not! Check out Noha's comment. Thanks for noticing Noha!


Yes? Tears all dried? Let's move on then!

It is opaque with 2-3 layers and the finish is satin-glossy without a topcoat. The topoat brings out the fab in this polish! It survived pretty well on my nails, also during work.

Essie Sexy Divide swatch

4 jun. 2015

Face of 31/05/15: Leaving Comfort Zone ft. AddictiveCosmetics.

Here we go, a look with my new loves: the AddictiveCosmetics eyeshadows! It was actually supposed to be a look for the review post, but it came out purty cool if I can say so myself, and because it was something I normally never wear I thought: why not dedicate a seperate post to it? So here it is. It also reminds me of the Burning Heart palette by Sugarpill, minus the yellow. When it comes to pigmentation it is definitely comparable.

As I said, normally I never wear colours like this. Normally I do a neutral-eye-bold-lip sorta thang. But I'm getting used to it and I went over to my boyfriend's house for dinner with this look and I got a lot of compliments on it so it is definitely worth doing it again!

This is probably one of my looks that I'm going to look back on in a few years and makes me cringe over the lack of skill, but you gotta start somewhere, right.