26 jun. 2015

Essie - Dive Bar.

Hi y'all! I'm back in business. I didn't upload for a while because I had to finish a paper for school (about the artist Salvador Dalí - boy, is he a craycray dude) and I was in Paris last week, also for school. We did about 2 museums a day. Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Centre Pompidou - you name it. It was so devastating and tiring, but so much fun! As for now, I'm in Venice as we speak (am I Mrs. Worldwide or what? Pittbull ain't got nothing on me).

I didn't wear nailpolish for weeks, but some time ago I did shoot some pictures of this beautiful polish by Essie. Can you tell I'm on a Essie kick lately? For some reason I tend to wear the same brand for a while, no idea where that is coming from.

Dive Bar is a stunning blue/turqoise shade. But wait, there's more! When it hits the half-shade, it has a purple/navy duochrome to it (second picture). So beautiful and rare. Essie is such great brand when it comes to special shades. But regarding their animal testing, I no longer buy from them. Pft, whatever, I can dry my tears, go to a Kiko store and be satisfied.

This was 3 coats. The drying time is average. It lasted 7 days (!!!!! with 2 workdays!) on my nails.

Essie Dive Bar swatch

Essie Dive Bar swatch

Essie Dive Bar swatch

What's your favourite Essie polish?