7 jun. 2015

Essie - Sexy Divide.

This is one of the underdogs in my nailpolish collection. Every time it just sits in on my nailpolish shelf doing nothing but when I pop it out I fall in love all over again. This isn't your average purple nailpolish. It has a blueish undertone and has some magnificent shimmer. This is actually one of the polishes that I might use up completely, it is already down to 1/3 of the bottle. Essie is not cruelty free but I bought this polish at a time when I thought it was. This shade, however, is quite hard to dupe. Thank goodness gracious that I already have a backup (whoops).

Time to be Downer Danny: it is discontinued. And yes, you are allowed to cry. Let me wait up a minute so you can take your time. Edit: apparently, it's not! Check out Noha's comment. Thanks for noticing Noha!


Yes? Tears all dried? Let's move on then!

It is opaque with 2-3 layers and the finish is satin-glossy without a topcoat. The topoat brings out the fab in this polish! It survived pretty well on my nails, also during work.

Essie Sexy Divide swatch

Essie Sexy Divide swatch

Essie Sexy Divide swatch

Essie polishes are €10 in the Netherlands. Hella overpriced, but in America you can snatch those up for a lot cheaper.

How do you feel about Essie?