4 jun. 2015

Face of 31/05/15: Leaving Comfort Zone ft. AddictiveCosmetics.

Here we go, a look with my new loves: the AddictiveCosmetics eyeshadows! It was actually supposed to be a look for the review post, but it came out purty cool if I can say so myself, and because it was something I normally never wear I thought: why not dedicate a seperate post to it? So here it is. It also reminds me of the Burning Heart palette by Sugarpill, minus the yellow. When it comes to pigmentation it is definitely comparable.

As I said, normally I never wear colours like this. Normally I do a neutral-eye-bold-lip sorta thang. But I'm getting used to it and I went over to my boyfriend's house for dinner with this look and I got a lot of compliments on it so it is definitely worth doing it again!

This is probably one of my looks that I'm going to look back on in a few years and makes me cringe over the lack of skill, but you gotta start somewhere, right.

I used:
Pocahontas on the inner lid and lower lash line, Red Leather on the other 2/3 of the lid, Sweet Nothing in the crease and blended out with Sandstone.

On camera it appears more orange and less red and purple than it really was, and way more muted. Note to self: when posting a FOTD, apply the shadows more heavily, especially on the lower lash line. But hey, you live and you learn.

Oh and please excuse the messy mascara and eyeliner, they were both dried out quite a bit.

Then I thought: let's add some lipstick into the mix! This is Gerard's Cosmetics 1995, a perfect neutral shade (for me). Also, excuse the angry face, looking directly into the light makes me look like someone just took my parking spot.

Do bold colours get you going?