10 jun. 2015

Indie Review: Brija Cosmetics Eyeshadows & Highlighters.

The second one in the series! Pumpkin and Poppy is yet to come, so stick around for that one. Here we are with Brija Cosmetics. This brand was founded by the fairly young beautyvlogger Brianna Jane (also known as 'iluvjesse444' on Youtube). She began to make her own cosmetics when she was in college and now she graduated, it's becoming fairly big.

Anyhow, the catchy thing with her brand are the names and the collections. All of them are based on movies, series or just phenomenons in general. She has a Mean Girls blush collection, a Harry Potter collection, Downton Abbey, Dexter, One Tree Hill, Charmed and so on. The names are great as well and they are just so fun! I really like that. The shades are pretty special and unusual too. So let's take a look, shall we?

The eyeshadow shades I got were: Kit (Charmed collection), Allure (Glamour2Go set) and War Efforts (Downton Abbey collection). I got Alone in the World and Legends (both 90's collection) for free, woohoo! All of them are sample baggies.

I got two highlighter shades as well: ESPN (Mean Girls collection) and You Know Who (Harry Potter). ...These names, you guys, I swear. Brilliant stuff.


  • Kit: a greyish taupe shade with red/pink duochrome.
  • Allure: a peach/taupe/pink shade with a light pink sheen.
  • Alone in the World: A light, matte peach/tan shade. A great transitioning or blending shade!
  • War Efforts: A matte, cool toned, medium dark green shade.
  • Legends: an olive toned antique gold.

Kit, Allure, Alone in the World, War Efforts, Legends.
Allure, Alone in the World, War Efforts, Legends.
Alone in the World, Allure, Kit, Legends, War Efforts. In direct sunlight - dat sparkle tho!

I found these work really well. They are soft and smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. The pigmentation is good, but for some reason they don't adhere to my eye that well. I had the same experience with my Pure Luxe Eyeshadows. The reason might be that I always use a base eyeshadow to make blending easier. For that reason I like to apply these eyeshadows with my fingers, I just get the best colour payoff with that. This especially goes for Kit, Allure and Legends. The matte ones work great though! I did make an eyelook with these, but they didn't show up on camera at all, so I left it out.

Edit: Brianna actually also sells an Primer Wax, which might help with the eyeshadows to adhere better. I forgot that when I wrote this article. Also, at this time I used a powdery base shadow underneath, so that might explain why they didn't adhere. All in all, it was my fault.

The highlighters
My shades:

  • ESPN: a pinkish highlighter with very subtle gold reflects.
  • You Know Who: a very cool toned silvery shade. Not your average highlighter, it leans a bit towards blue even, with hints of gold and silver. Mostly silver though. Very unique!

ESPN, You Know Who.
I really liked the formula of these! They don't have glitterbits, which I like. But I wouldn't say that the shine is as 'even' as, let's say, my eyeshadow slash highlighter by Catrice in the shade Vanillaty Fair. It's hard to explain, but overall I still like these.
I'm still not too sure about the shades, though. ESPN is pretty, it is one of the only pinkish highlighter I found that doesn't clash with my skintone. I'm just not sure if I will buy the full size, it doesn't really gets me going. But I usually find myself gravitating towards unusual highlighters and I'm super picky, so that's not the product's fault. I can really recommend this one though, it will probably look good on many skintones, including warm ones.
You Know Who is a complete mismatch with my skintone, I think. Cool toned highlights don't look that good on me generally, and this is about as cool toned as it gets, it's almost leaning on blue. When applied really lightly I can get away with it, or in my inner corners, but otherwise, it's not for me. That's just a matter of preference though. For people with a cooler complexion (or with a preference for cool highlighters) this will be great, however.

Overall, this is a really nice brand. The shadows are pigmented and smooth, but won't really adhere to the eye that well (edit: the eye wax adhesive she sells helps with this). I only found this problem with the shimmery shades, the mattes work really well. My favourite shades are Kit, War Efforts and Alone in the World. I might buy Alone in the World full size as I really like the shade! The highlighters have a very nice formula but the shades are just not really my thing. I would still highly recommend her products, though! They are definitely nice to use.

I appreciated that I got 2 samples for free, even though my entire order consisted of only samples. Brianna was very nice about it. The samples are $1,45 each, same goes for the highlighters. She sells them in a mini jar as well ($3,50 for the eyeshadows, $5,50 for the highlighters) or in the fullsize ($5,50 for the eyeshadows. $7,50 for the highlighters) so the prices are super affordable! For who's interested, she sells blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses and eyeprimers as well, so check those out!

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What do you think of this brand?

All of the products were bought by myself. Not affiliated.