23 jul. 2015

Urban Decay - Naked Basics 2 Review.

Funfact. I've bought this product about six months ago and I have used it ever since. Well if anything, I can give you a more detailed review! The pictures were also taken many months ago, so please excuse if they don't look so great yet - it was in my early photography days. 

I am not really an eyeshadow girl. I will choose lipstick over it any day. It's the showstopper is most of my looks, but I was still lacking some neutral eyeshadows to go with it. So, when I was in a Sephora six months ago, I saw my chance and I took it. Naked Basics 2 came home with me.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Review

 As opposed to the Naked Basics 1, this one is more taupe orientated and more cool toned. Being warm toned myself you'd think I would prefer the original. But when I swatched it in store, it seemed more powdery and most of the shades in that palette I already owned. Also, I prefer cool toned shades for some reason, even if they can look ashy on me.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Ingredients
Zhe ingredients.
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Review
Sorry for the blurry picture, yikes.
 The shades are:

  • Skimp: the only shade that is not matte, but satin. A beige-peachy highlighting shade. I found this shade to be the least useful - not shimmery enough to be a highlight, not matte enough to fit in with the rest. It doesn't look to flattering on my skin, so I don't use this often. Sometimes as an innercorner highlight.
  • Stark: a matte beige-peachy nude shade. A bit too dark to be a base for me, but it makes a great transition shade!
  • Frisk: a matte taupe shade with a slight purple undertone. One of my favourites! Makes a great crease shade.
  • Cover: the warmest shade in this palette, it's a matte warm but taupish brown. It reminds me of hot chocolate with milk. That has some taupe to it as well, or is that just me? I don't use this too often.
  • Primal: a pretty basics brown shade with a hint of taupe. Also, a great shade for in the crease.
  • Undone: a matte almost-but-not-completely black, it's slightly lighter. Works nicely to smoke out your eyeliner, but not a must have and nothing a regular black can't do.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Swatches
Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Primal, Undone (I forgot Cover, hehe)
The quality of these shadows is very nice. They are pigmented and easy to work with. I did find that they can be powdery (they kick up quite some products if you go in with a brush) but don't appear chalky on the eyes. They are not the easiest to blend out, but that could just be my eyeshadow primer  and can be easily helped with using a base shadow (I use Alverdes mono in Warm Vanilla).

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Review

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Review
Please excuse that fabulous mosquito bite.
For this look I've used Frisk and Primal in the crease, blended out with Stark, that is also on the lid. Undone in the outer V (that could've been blended better, but hey). Cover on the lower lashline, but appear cooler than it is. Skimp is used as an highlighter in the inner corner - as you can see, it is beyond subtle. Jordana Made To Last eyeshadow pencil in Continuous Almond is chillin' on the waterline and mascara is by Essence.

Overall, I love this palette. The shades were very well chosen. The shades are powdery but not chalky and the blending process can be made easy by adding base shadow. It's been a staple in my stash ever since I got it. Some shades (especially Frisk and Primal) already have a serious dent in there. Maybe I should swatch the original once more, especially now Urban Decay is available in the Netherlands, hmm...

This palette is available at Sephora (or ICI Paris in the Netherlands) for €27,00.

Urban Decay is cruelty free, however their parent company is not.

Do you own any Naked palettes?

19 jul. 2015

Lush - Tiny Hands Solid Handcream Review.

Last week, the very last drop was squirted out of my hand creme tube. So what do you do then? That's right, you go to Lush, my new go-to place for skincare (aside from Etsy, that is). I try to stay away from their creams as most of them - unfortunately enough - contain parabens, and doing so this little solid friend caught my eye, Tiny Hands.

Lush Tiny Hands Review
Look at it! It's so tiny!

14 jul. 2015

Indie Review: Nicolet Beauty - Yorba Linda Matte Lipstick.

Yeah, okay I'll admit it, I've been Etsy shopping again - what else is new. But boy, have I found an awesome Etsy shop! 

9 jul. 2015

8 Reasons Why Studying Art History Is Awesome.

The last few weeks I've officially finished the first year of my art history journey! I passed all the test in one time (*pats self on shoulder*) and getting ready for the second year.

The first year has been awesome and I've loved every class I've taken (well, almost every class. Architecture and I will never be close friends). It's just so much fun and I can recommend it to errbody out there. Here's a little list of why art history is the way to go!

Source: Pinterest

4 jul. 2015

Summertime Sickness.

Welps, that's something that can only happen to me. Getting sick while the sun is out and the pavement is (almost literally) fuming. Everyone is having a great time chilling in the park, on terraces and god knows where, but here I am cuddling up on the couch with some Netflix (although let's face it, I probably would do those things if I wasn't sick anyway, I love sitting at home way too much).

I caught a cold a few days ago when I came back from Paris and Venice. I always get sick when I have a holiday. It's like my body senses that it doesn't have to perform any activities anymore so it just kind of collapses.