9 jul. 2015

8 Reasons Why Studying Art History Is Awesome.

The last few weeks I've officially finished the first year of my art history journey! I passed all the test in one time (*pats self on shoulder*) and getting ready for the second year.

The first year has been awesome and I've loved every class I've taken (well, almost every class. Architecture and I will never be close friends). It's just so much fun and I can recommend it to errbody out there. Here's a little list of why art history is the way to go!

Source: Pinterest

1. Do you have to read 60 pages for next week? No worries, half of the pages are images. Awww yiss!

2. This is no subject you can study solely from books. It's more practical than you think! In the last year I probably went to more museums than I've ever been to in my life. Take that, math students!

3. It's a concrete subject. There's art around you every single day and it will always be relevant. You'll learn about history in general as well. So even if you decide not to opt for a career in art, you'll still have learned general knowledge that you can apply in the everyday life. On that same note, what better party trick than tell everybody some slamming aneckdote about the Mona Lisa?

4. You can actually understand all of those paintings! While other people scratch their head, not understanding why there's a woman in the background of a portrait that is holding a bag of money and has claws instead of feet; you know that that woman is actually the personification of greed and the person in the picture basically is a cheap and greedy bastard. Ka-ching!

5. When in a museum, you can impress all your friends by naming the title of the painting, the painter and even the year if you're on a roll. You will be the most popular kid in schewl, just watch. (But seriously don't do this too much, you will be hella annoying).

6. Art memes will be precisely 135,2% more fun.


7. You'll get to realise that art history is just one big reality soap. Did you know that the sculpter Bernini once made a sculpture for the Saint Peter church in Rome, but it looked too much like a woman climaxing (ahem, you know) that they banned it? And that the painter Caravaggio once killed a man when he found out they had an affaire with the same woman? *Grabs popcorn*

8. And last but not least, you have all that awesome artwork to think about while you ask the customer if they want ketchup with their fries. Just kidding. Wait, actually no. *Cries actual tears*

Overall; art history is not only informative, it is amusing to no end. You will have a blast (I know I do) but a fairly empty bankaccount.

Does art history sound like fun to you? What are you (wanting to) study and why?