14 jul. 2015

Indie Review: Nicolet Beauty - Yorba Linda Matte Lipstick.

Yeah, okay I'll admit it, I've been Etsy shopping again - what else is new. But boy, have I found an awesome Etsy shop! 

The shop I'm talking about is Nicolet Beauty. It was founded by Anna Nicole in March of this year. Her shop description:

" Nicolet beauty's journey into the cosmetic world has just begun! Anna Nicole it's creator and manufacturer started out just wanting to make 1 color she couldn't find in the mainstream market.

However, after seeing how much money, time and effort it took to make lipstick.. she decided to sell the lipstick that it took months to perfect and a business idea was born. Anna is also a fashion designer so running her own business was not a foreign concept to her. She plans on expanding the line further in the future but for now lipsticks are enough. "

Nicolet Beauty Yorba Linda

She makes matte lipsticks in all kinds of unusual colours. Being a woman of colour, a lot of the shades are more suitable for darker complexions. I think this is awesome as the black women often get left out of the regular cosmetic market that is more focused on paler skin tones. The line has a lot of different purples and pinks that are gorgeous, but I wouldn't be Floortje if I didn't go for the burgundy-red shade, called Yorba Linda. Fun fact: the lipsticks are named after places in California, where she lives.

All her products are fragrance, paraben & cruelty free! Exactly how I like it.

Nicolet Beauty Yorba Linda
She made that! How cewl!
Yorba Linda is a brown based dark burgundy on me. It is gorgeous and indeed very special; most burgundy shades have a purple or red base.

But what about the quality? The quality... oh boy. Take a seat. It is simply fantastic. Seriously, I consider these just as good as my MAC lipsticks. The pigmentation is great and one swipe is all you need. It really matte without being uncomfortable - heck, it's even slightly more comfortable to wear than my MAC mattes. During the day, it does not get very dry or uncomfortable. Also, it lasts such a long time. I wore this shade an entire day in Paris and only touched it up twice. My fellow students were surprised by how well it lasted, even after eating! Also, the ingredients are awesome and safe to use. All the ingredients get a 1 or a 0 rating on EWG's website

Castor Seed Oil, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Olive Fruit Oil, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycine Soybean Lipds, Lauryl Laurate, Carnauba Wax, Candillia Wax, Microcrystalline wax, Ozokerite wax, Rice Bran wax, Magnesium Myristrate, dimethicone, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide

Nicolet Beauty Yorba Linda Lipstick
Yorba Linda - lipswatch
Nicolet Beauty Yorba Linda Lipstick
Yorba Linda - full face
The only thing that seperates it from store-bought lipsticks is the look in the tube; it is less smooth. Personally, I couldn't care less about that.

Nicolet Beauty Yorba Linda Lipstick
MAC Diva - Nicolet Beauty Yorba Linda - MAC Sin

I figured I'd compare the lipstick to my other two burgundy shades in my stash, just for funzies: MAC Diva and MAC Sin (on a side note: wow, I've never noticed how similar these two actually are, hehe). As you can see, Yorba Linda is more brown and slightly darker. It looks like a straight up brown lipstick here, but it is definitely burgundy. Surprise, surprise: the opacity and the finish is exactly the same as the MAC lipsticks. Bruh!

Nicolet Beauty Yorba Linda Lipstick

Can you tell I'm buzzin' about this lipstick? In fact, two more of her lipsticks are on their way as we speak, and I've spotted some more shades that I would love to try... But I'm not addicted or anything! Not at all!! (cough)

Also, the shop owner is a sweetheart and is great in communication.

The lipsticks are $12 each, for 3 grams of products. Not the cheapest out there, but I definitely think it's worth it. For now, she sells 11 shades, but her collection is expanding every so often and sometimes she discontiues shades or comes out with limited editions, so get 'em while you can!

Shop link
Yorba Linda lipstick (and YES, that is actually more face in the listing, how cool! I sended her the picture so paler complexions can use it as a reference how it would look on them.)

I am not affiliated with this brand and all opinions are 100% my own. Obviously. All products are bought by me.