19 jul. 2015

Lush - Tiny Hands Solid Handcream Review.

Last week, the very last drop was squirted out of my hand creme tube. So what do you do then? That's right, you go to Lush, my new go-to place for skincare (aside from Etsy, that is). I try to stay away from their creams as most of them - unfortunately enough - contain parabens, and doing so this little solid friend caught my eye, Tiny Hands.

Lush Tiny Hands Review
Look at it! It's so tiny!

Tiny hands is simply a handlotion in solid form. The idea of this handlotion is that you have to warm it up in your hands. Then it gives off some oil that you can spread around your hands. That's all! According to Lush, it smells like vanilla, chamomile and marigold (which makes sense if you look at the ingredients).

Lush has this whole 'no packaging no waste' program that I'm a big fan of. This bar doesn't come with any other packaging, aside from the good ol' Lush paper wrap. When the bar is used up, it's gone, and no material is going to waste. It being solid also means that it needs no preservatives, yay! It is really travel friendly, too. You can take it on a plane (because it's not liquid) and you can cut off a piece if you only need a little on vacation or so. Good thinking, Lush!

Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Talc, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Extract of Marigold petals in Argan Oil, Sago and Safflower petals Decoction, Perfume, Aloe Vera Extract, Vanilla Extract, Chamomile Blue Oil, Chamomile Oil, African Marigold Oil, Citral, Coumarin, Geraniol, Lilial, Linalool, Limonene, Talc

(Anyone else seeing that Talc is mentioned twice? What's going on with that?)

Lush Tiny Hands Review

The consistency of this can be best described I think as white chocolate. It looks like it and has the same feel. And even though Lush says otherwise, there is a hint of white chocolate detectable in the smell, too! It smells like warm, very floral vanilla. Pretty much the same smell you get when you walk into a Lush store. I heard some people say that they found it too overwhelming, but I don't think that at all. I think it's just right! Just give it a sniff when you're in the store and see for yourself.

It melts quite quickly. Just like with - there we go again - chocolate at room temperature, it melts a bit when you touch it. After the taking the first picture in this article I had plenty of product to spread around!

Lush Tiny Hands Review

When it comes to the moisturizing function, it does a really nice job. It takes some getting used to when you normally use a liquid hand lotion, though. It is more concentrated and less 'full' and creamy. You may think it doesn't moisturize as much because the layer of moisture is so thin, but to me it does the same job as a normal moisturizer. But if you want more, just warm it up more! The warmer it gets, the more lotion you get. Simple.

It is not really greasy. Of course it is greasy to some extend because hey, it is supposed to moisturize so what do you expect, but not like you've been rubbing olive oil on your fingers. On the picture above you can see how the product looks that comes off. It absorbs rather quickly too! No greasy fingers here.

Lush Tiny Hands Review
How I store Tiny Hands
Lush does recommend to keep it in a tin as the product can melt in warm weather. You can buy that seperately for €2,05 but I already had a tin myself.

Overall, I really really like this handcream/lotion/bar/whatevs. It does the job, smells great, is easy to work with, travel friendly and it just really cute (which is a rather important feature in my book). Yes, I can definitely recommend this if you're looking for a quirky and lovely alternative to handcream!

A bar is €8,60 for 60 grams. This will probably last you a very long time.

What's your favourite handcream?