20 aug. 2015

Essence - 01 Hola, guapa.

Hi there lovely readers. It's me, Floortje. Maybe you don't really remember me. But I'm back! Sorta. Currently, there's a massive event happening in Amsterdam, called 'Sail', which is basically a huge boat-parade through the Amsterdam water. Loads of people, loads of trash... and who was hired to pick that up? Me! But I'm fine with it, I'm making some serious flappers with it (let's just pretend that that is a saying). But I'm pretty busy with it, so there's that.

I didn't do a lot of nail polishing these summer weeks, funny enough. But I got to snatch a polish of the Essence ¡Arriba! LE. The others weren't all that exciting, but I heard this puppy was 1. matt and 2. opaque after 2 coats. The puppy's name was Hola, guapa.

Did it deliver? Meh, somewhat. Opacity is good (3 coats is best though) and the matte finish is actually pretty streaky, as you can see in the pictures. The positive side is that it is really matte (not satin for once) and without a topcoat is lasted really well, about 4 days without chipping. Also, the streakiness is not very visible in diffused light.

Overall, pleased, but not 'run don't walk to the store' pleased. If I remembered correctly, these were €1,89, which is a very good price.

Do you know a brand that makes more impressive matte nailpolishes?