3 aug. 2015

I Visited The Grand Budapest Hotel! (Kinda.)

Sorry for the not-so spectacular pictures in this article, it was all made with a digital camera instead of my DSLR.

The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's one of my all-time favourite movies. The feel, the costums, the story, the locations, the atmosphere; it's all fantastic. It's the movie that got me hooked on Wes Anderson movies and I'm planning to watch all of them soon.

Anyway, when I got the chance to potentially see the locations where they filmed it, I grabbed it with both hands. The last couple of weeks, me and my boyfriend have been traveling through Europe (which explains my absence) and we decided to also visit the teeny tiny place of Görlitz, where it all happened! We found a little map where all the filmlocations were given and off we went.

Let's start of with the kicker of this article: the Kaufhaus, aka, the actual Grand Budapest Hotel! Funny thing: the warehouse actually went bankrupt and they wanted to break it down. Then Wes came along and now the movie is finished, it's gonna be a warehouse again! It's opening in 2016 (I think) and this is how it looks in real life. Not as cozy as it looks on the movie, huh.

Here is how it is in the movie. Well, that's something else alright.

"She's been murdered. And you think I did it." *RUNS AWAY*
Also fun fact: because it is being renovated, it was actually not open for visitors. But because there was a very kind woman walking around in there (and because we were very charming tourists, of course) we were allowed to go in! AW YISS.

The girl walking in front of the wall of a cemetery? Yep, that was here. They greenscreened the hell out of it, though.

Need a little reminder? Watch this video, at 1:10. There ya go.

The Stadthalle! Here was the scene recorded where Goldblum is reading Madame D's will. You know, the multiple-punching-in-the-face scene. We couldn't enter because it was - again - being restaurated for some reason, which quite frankly made me want to punch things as well.

On the map were also some locations we didn't recognise. Any ideas? The bath house?

Not really related to the movie, but in this same video you can see Bill Murray enjoy a brattwurst with 'some serious mustard'. Needless to say, we had to try it out.

The mustard was surprisingly un-serious. 'Muricans. Delicious nonetheless!

And finally, the hotel where the cast stayed! *Creeper mode off*

As you can see, my inner fangirl was more than satisfied.

Have you ever been to a film location and couldn't control dem feelz?