28 aug. 2015

One Of The Best (Also Natural!) Deodorants. Ever.

I used to be one of those folks that claimed that natural deodorant would never work for me. I've tried the Lush ones, but that wasn't really a success. And since those got really good reviews online, I figured that other natural versions wouldn't work either. Boy, was I wrong!

This deodorant is by ZirYab's Body Brew. She also sells stuff like lipbalm, toothpowder (powder toothpaste), dog deodorant (I kid you not), soap, lotions and other skinrelated items. I stumbled upon this on Etsy (I feel like I'm turning into a walking cliche here) as there was a sample available that was the cheapest option (hehe) (the bottle shown is the full size, by the way). In the description was basically her story of her struggling with BO and how her own homemade deodorant pretty much changed her life. To be honest, that description completely blew me away. I suggest you give it a read because it sounded really amazing and restored my faith in humanity natural deodorants. Here is a little part of it:

"Before making my natural Body Brew Deodorant, I would use 2 different commercial brand antiperspirant deodorants after showering. Then, I'd carry another brand in my purse so I could reapply during the day. If I forgot to bring one with me, I'd go to the nearest store and buy one. (When I was finally convinced that my deodorant was all I needed I threw out a bin of more than 20 commercial deodorants!) (...)
I lived a large part of my life self-conscious and worrying about the smell of my armpits. It was only after I was free from worry that I realized just what a huge burden it had been. In fact, I get a little bit passionate when I think of all those years of discomfort I endured that could have been solved by something as simple and healthy as my deodorant recipe.

Straight out of the bottle.
And blended out!
Here's how the product looks. It is really fluid, watery, brown (but invisible on the pits) and very easy to work with. You have to squirt some out of the bottle and apply with your hands. But since the fact that it is all natural and just filled with good stuff you can just wipe it off with no consequences (although I prefer to wash my hands afterwards). In fact, it is so harmless someone actually used this as toothpaste (!). Now that's something your drugstore deodorant couldn't do.

But the question of the day, how does it work? Oh man. I need to take a moment. This stuff just works. So. Effing. Well. Seriously, it does a better job than my Lady Speed Stick! No nasty smells all day, no matter what I do or how hot it is. Just nothing! It also makes me sweat less. And I mean less, because it doesn't completely stop you from sweating as it doesn't contain aluminium. But I'm fine with that as there is no sweaty smell that sticks to my clothes, something that has made me throw away many tops in the past. Tragedy averted!

The only con is that my armpits are very sensitive and can't take the baking soda very well. If I use it a couple of days, my armpits get a *littlebit* sore, but don't let this scare you off as most people don't struggle with this. I personally make it work by using it on and off with other deodorants and just use this whenever smelling like sweat is simply not an option, like whenever I have a presentation, an important day at work etc. With that method, I have not experienced any irritation since I bought the full-size.

Another reason why I love Etsy and this shop. Does Sephora ever send you a note like this? I dan't thank saw.

Overall, it works miraculously. No question. Great ingredients, no BO all day, minimum sweating, no smell in your clothes. Not too excited about the baking soda, but I found a way to make it work with zero irritation. Go. Get. This.

Sample baggie 1 oz. (that lasted me a good 2 months!): $1 (shipping to Netherlands about $6)
Full size, 6+ oz: $13,95 (shipping $14,90)
Store link.