12 aug. 2015

The Chequered Lily Apothecary: Eyeshadow Review.

Grass is green, blueberries are blue, the weather in the Netherlands has been shite and I discovered a new Etsy shop. What else is new. Well, I'll tell you what's new! The shades that I found in this shop, called The Chequered Lily Apothecary. Oh lawd. All the shades have a special shift/sheen/glitter/basecolour. And remember that I told you about Fyrinnae Mephisto? Kimberly, the owner, makes a shade that is pretty much the same. And after seeing that she has an awesome bundle just for bloggers/vloggers which gave me the opportunity to try that shade, it wasn't rocket science what happened next really.

Kimberly sells other stuff next to eyeshadow too (although the majority of items in her story is eyeshadow). She sells liptints, blushes, glitters, nail polish, bath and body products. I love the feel of her shop. All of the shades are named after either a story, a book, poetry or another piece of literature (if I'm correct) and all the products have a little story on which they were based on in the listing. Love that so many thought went into the shop. And did I mention that the pictures in the listing look simply magical? HMM. Talking about fairydust.

In the blogger pack I could choose 7 colours and she would add one shadow of her choice. I chose:

146 Heart in Ice, 145 Heart of Fire, 139 Fireflies, 12 Snow Glass Apples, 125 Invocation, 95 Pulsar and 81 Love Like Winter. Her choice for me was 71 Ice 9!

  • 145 Heart of Fire - A bright red shade with blue, pink and green glitterparticles.
  • 146 Heart in Ice - The Mephisto dupe! Although this one is slightly lighter than the Fyrinnae one. It's an indigo base with a red shift. Aaaaaw yiss. It has my name written all over it. It's hard to make a look with this that is not very dark, though. But hey, if anything, it will get me out of my comfort zone. Oh and imagine this used as an eyeliner! *Takes notes*.
  • 139 Fireflies - A tough one to describe. A purply green base with green and yellow shimmer. I can definitely see the name in this one!
  • 71 Ice 9 - A pale icy blue with silver sheen.

Here we go to the highlighting shades, that, me being me, I could not resist.
  • 12 Snow, Glass, Apples - A pinky base with some champagne shimmer. Or the other way around. It changes in every lighting!
  • 125 Invocation - Very similar to Snow, Glass, Apples. Slightly more gold.
  • 95 Pulsar - A pink base with a golden shift. I was hoping this could be a nice highlighting shade for the face as I'm eternally searching for the perfect rose gold highlighter. (I know. Some people search for eternal happiness, the meaning of life... and I'm looking for a highlighter.) But I think this might be it!
  • 81 Love Like Winter - A pale blue with red shimmer. So pretty! Again, the name fits it perfectly. Also, I'm getting some 70's vibes here. Illamasqua's Anja anyone?

A super easy look made with Heart in Ice and Heart of Fire, for the Gay Pride!
I like the quality of these. They are really pigmented and not hard to work with. They adhere better to the eyes than the Brija ones, but not as fantastic as the Addictive Cosmetics ones. I'd say they are in between. These tend to have some fall out but not too bad. Overall, the quality is very nice. I think that the biggest strength of this shop is the magnificent shades! They are so unique and I have not seen anything similar. I like my eyeshadows on both sides of the spectrum: either very neutral or very spectacular. I got the basics covered by Addictive Cosmetics, and these are a great fit for the other option.

I love love love the shades this shop sells. They are extraordinairy and not very neutral (which was the case with Brija). I seem to be appreciating colourful eyeshadows more and more and these are right up my alley. The only con I can think of is that she barely sells mattes - only 2 if I'm correct. I'm curious what she would make of those. Oh, and have I mentioned that the owner is an absolute doll? She is lovely and so nice! Yes, I would definitely recommend these!

EDIT: Kimberley has let me know that there's a full line of mattes coming up! Hurray!

Shop link (I'd recommend you to take a look, even if it's just for the gorgeous pictures!)

All opinions are my own, obviously. Everything was bought with my own money.

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