29 sep. 2015

Catrice Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - 010 Black Jack With Jack Black.

Oh Catrice, you so punny! Black Jack with Jack Black... *snorts*. With all that Blackness going on, it sets the bar pretty high in terms of pigment. It also claims to be waterproof. Will this eyeliner  deliver? Will it be as pleasant as the name? Let's find out, shall we.

Catrice Waterproof Gel Liner Black Jack With Jack Black

26 sep. 2015

Catrice - The Dark Knight.

Yay! The nail swatches are back! I have not been painting my nails in the longest time. I have no explanation whatsoever. I only have to go to class 3 times per week, so I have plenty of time. But I'm trying to get back on the painting track, let's hope if it actually will work.

On to the polish. The Dark Knight is a deep, deep purple with pinkish/purple shimmer. This one is a pretty one for sure. This is at least in my top 10 of favourite polishes. A go-to when I'm not sure what to wear. It doesn't fully translate to the picture, but just like OPI Black Cherry Chutney, it has the most beautiful glow to it, almost like infrared. 

The quality of this polish is surprisingly good. Although the staying power is medium (3-4 days I'd say), the brush is fantastic! It is a rounded brush. I barely had to clean up to get it to look more perfect. Opaque with 2 coats (or 3 thin ones).

The bad thing about Catrice polishes is the bottle. Since they updated (*cough* and downgraded *cough*) their packaging, the bottles are horrible. The plastic is flimsy - I heard people saying it cracked on them, yikes! - and for some reason, it is really hard to twist it all the way down. It is not because of dried up polish residue in the cap, because there wasn't much. 

Also horrible: it is discontinued. Why Catrice, why? Why continue your only polish I've ever fallen hard for? ('This is why we can't have nice things!') So, sorry to cheer you up with a dead sparrow, as the Dutch saying goes. Good thing I have a backup!

Catrice The Dark Knight swatch

20 sep. 2015

Makeup Geek: First Impressions & Review.

If you've been a fan of beautyblogs and -vlogs on Youtube, there is no chance in hell that you have not heard of Makeup Geek. They're supposed to be similar in formula as MAC shadows, for a third of the price - and not unimportant for me, cruelty free! People have been raving high and low about these. My inner hipster is always sceptical of hyped up stuff ('It can't be THAT good?!') so of course, I had to try it myself.

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, New Year's Eve, Vegas Lights Swatch Review

16 sep. 2015

Lush Trichomania Bar Shampoo.

A shampoo in solid form? That sounds like the most impractical thing on earth. Also, how the hell could you ever get you hair as clean as it would be with a normal, liquid shampoo that can get in all the nooks and crannies of your hair?

That was my vision in shampoo bars a couple of months ago. Until the day I stepped into the Lush store and got offered a sample of this shampoo. The salesperson noticed my curly hair and claimed it was made for me, and my hair type. Slightly sceptical but pleasantly intrigued by the lovely scent, I returned home and jumped into the shower as soon as I got the chance.

Lush trichomania bar shampoo review
Looks like cheesecake!

13 sep. 2015


creepers creeper shoes alternative fashion underground

I did it, you guys. For the first time in my life I have shoes that are more expensive than €30 - because I'm just too hella lazy and cheap to get proper shoes. Funny thing is, these also cost me €30, as they are secondhand!

10 sep. 2015

HURRAW! Lip Balm. Hurray!

Does anyone else notice that when I mention in my blogpost that I will be going back on the blogging track, I end up not posting for a week? How does that happen? From now on, I will just not say that anymore because that is just bad luck.

Back to the lip balm, however. Hurraw! is a brand that you can hear everyone and their mother about (at least on the 'natural' makeup blogs). Everyone seems to swear by it. I'm not too big on ordering lip balm online (which makes zero sense whatsoever because if you either buy it online or in store, you're probably not able to test it beforehand anyways) so I was too lazy to go out and get this - even though online shopping is about the laziest you can get, but that's another story. But ever since a store opened in Amsterdam that sells Hurraw!, I was out of excuses. I got this in the Vanilla Bean scent.
(Longest intro ever, medal and cookies for me).