16 sep. 2015

Lush Trichomania Bar Shampoo.

A shampoo in solid form? That sounds like the most impractical thing on earth. Also, how the hell could you ever get you hair as clean as it would be with a normal, liquid shampoo that can get in all the nooks and crannies of your hair?

That was my vision in shampoo bars a couple of months ago. Until the day I stepped into the Lush store and got offered a sample of this shampoo. The salesperson noticed my curly hair and claimed it was made for me, and my hair type. Slightly sceptical but pleasantly intrigued by the lovely scent, I returned home and jumped into the shower as soon as I got the chance.

Lush trichomania bar shampoo review
Looks like cheesecake!

Lush trichomania bar shampoo

The shampoo we're dealing with today is Trichomania. The Lush site tells me that trichomania means 'love for your hair' (in which language though? Greek?). The shampoo is made for those with very dry hair, as it is quite moisturizing. Also perfect for those (like yours truly) with frizzy hair, which is caused by dryness. And have I talked about the smell? It has a coconut-vanilla scent. Although I normally can't stand coconut scents, I enjoy the smell every time I wash my hair. Too bad it doesn't really linger.

My hair is as said rather frizzy, long and curly (between 2c and 2d curl type - think Taylor Swift 2009 and that's pretty accurate).

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 
  • Stearic Acid, 
  • Creamed Coconut, 
  • Glyceryl Stearate & PEG-100 Stearate, 
  • Desiccated Coconut,
  • Lauryl Betaine, 
  • Soya Lecithin, 
  • White Wax, 
  • Perfume, 
  • Red Wax, 
  • Vetivert Oil

Lush trichomania bar shampoo review

Lush trichomania bar shampoo review

But how does it work? Well, there are two ways to use it. The first one is just simply spreading a little piece (that I cut off for practical reasons) all over your hair. The second one (and pictures above) is wetting the piece of shampoo and spreading what comes off over your hair. In the background of this link you can see how it works.

It must be noted that this is fairly more time-consuming than a normal 'squirt-and-go' shampoo. It takes longer to get it all across your hair (I turn off the shower in the meantime to save water) and you don't really know when to stop because it practically feels like you don't have any shampoo in your hair at all. It doesn't get all slick as it does with a liquid shampoo.

But, is it worth the effort? Yes. So much yes. I didn't really notice a difference until I went back to using a normal shampoo. When I started using Trichomania again, my hair was noticably softer, healthier, moisturized, less frizzy and way less of a pain in the ass to comb through. I brush my hair once or twice per week (otherwise my curls are ruined) so that saves me a lot of pain. It is rather weird that it fights frizz so well because the first ingredient is a sulfate, which is known for drying out your stuff. So glad it works well though.

Despite being moisturising, it still manages to keep my hair very clean. But not squicky-clean to the point where it has all the moisture stripped off, like a normal shampoo would do. It does the job just right! 

Lush trichomania bar shampoo review

I'm really really happy with this shampoo. It moisturises but keeps my hair clean.  I really do feel like it's made for my hair type. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about it, but maybe the results are different for different hairtypes. So if you're thinking about getting this, I'd 100% recommend to get a sample first.

The bar I got is about the size of a fist and cost me around €10, I can't really remember. The standard price is €8,80 for 100g. I feel like that's pretty affordable as this thing will last me ages.

Have you ever tried a shampoo bar? How did you like it?