13 sep. 2015


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I did it, you guys. For the first time in my life I have shoes that are more expensive than €30 - because I'm just too hella lazy and cheap to get proper shoes. Funny thing is, these also cost me €30, as they are secondhand!

Not that I care much about how expensive my shoes were, but for me, a higher price tag stands for a longer shoelife. And as I tear apart a pair of shoes every year I figured it was time for a change.

These are creepers from the 'creeperbrand' Underground. There are many many knock offs online, but this is the real deal. Since last summer I was sporting one of those inglorious knock offs and I really liked the look, but my Interrail journey was a fatal move and they ripped on the way back. Tears were shed but I knew one thing: I wanted another pair.

Because the thing is, I hate - and I mean HATE - shoe shopping. Shoes never ever look good on me. Most models just make my feet look awkward for some reason. These are perfect for me. They are casual, somewhat grungy because of the high sole - that make a tiny person like me look slightly taller! - but are still somewhat cute and versatile: they go with so many outfits. Even with the baggy pants I was wearing above - not the best combo in the world but it works. The versatility is a big thing for me as I mentioned before, I can't be bothered with buying another pair of shoes for every outfit. I'm so jealous of people that CAN be bothered and have a big collection of shoes, but that just ain't for me, man.

But more about the actual shoes: these are so much better than my knock offs. They are slightly heavier (as the platform is slightly higher) and the material is just so much more sturdy. If those somewhat fragile knock offs can last me a year, can you imagine how long these will last me? Definitely justifies the price tag of - yikes - 130 pounds, as they originally were. Did I mention these are comfortable as frick?

I got these from a lovely girl on Marktplaats, which is like a Dutch version of eBay. They were barely worn so I took my chance. If you're interested, these are all over eBay as well, for a good price.

So yeah I just wrote 6 paragraphs about a pair of shoes, so there's that. Tell me all your shoe stories in the comments! The good, the bad and the creepy (get it), let me know!