25 okt. 2015

Kiko - 392.

What is that? Is it a bird, is it a plane?! No! It's a new blogpost! Hi there friends, how are y'all doing. *Insert mumbo jumbo about being busy and exams and stuff*

Great, now that's out of the way, let's focus on this polish by Kiko. Funny thing is that I bought this shade a while ago (cough, 3 years) but have never ever worn it. Now I actually have worn it, I kinda know why I never busted it out. I feel nothing when I look at it. Nothing. And I have a huge stash of polishes so I can't justify keeping something that doesn't wow me. I think it's time for a blog sale page?

This polish is a forrest green with some soft green/silver shimmer. Quality is typical Kiko: absolutely fantastic. I feel like Kiko polishes are very consistent in the formula, which I really appreciate. This one went on sheer with the first layer, but was very close to opaque the second coat. Wearing time was outstanding: I put this on right before I went to work (because, you know, I don't make sense whatsoever) and it actually lasted. Was kinda wow'ed, not gonna lie.

Oh and lately I found out Kiko polishes are free of a lot of chemical ingredients, yay! Oh Kiko, will you ever dissappoint me? Can we go get a ring already?

Please excuse the fuzzy pictures, my camera is having some difficulties with focusing. I think it might be going through puberty, it doesn't seem to obey me.

Kiko 392 nail polish swatch

Kiko 392 nail polish swatch

Kiko 392 nail polish swatch

Do you have an ancient polish that you actually never tried?