4 nov. 2015

A Good Old Lil' Announcement.

Hi there beautiful people! I promised myself not to ever do these announcements as, with all due respect, I think they are the most boring things to read (right after the instructions on the shampoo bottle) but I have to do it anyway.

You see, I'm living the university life right now. You mean the parties, the never ending socializing, the limitless amount of booze to consume daily? Neeupe. I'm talking about the piles and piles of work. Currently, I'm following 4 courses, and given the fact that the average student at my university only has 2 (and believe me, that's already enough work to never see your friends anymore)... you can kinda do the math yourself. I can feel my brain frying on a daily basis. My life is more or less sleep - eat - read - go to class - go to work and repeat. Heck, I don't even have the time to properly do my nails or wash my hair, go figure! And by the time I have some time to make pictures, the sun is already down.


I might post some nail swatches here and there as they are the least time consuming to make. On a semi-relevant note, I'm going to Kiko with my friends soon - the perfect occasion to stock up on some new polish!

But, let's end on a positive note. It turns out that in January, I only have to take 1 course! Which gives me plenty of time to get some blogging done (and get some sleep). I can't wait to get back to it again.

So please, bear with me in the process. If you don't hear from me for a while: I'm not dead, just stuDYING. Ha. Ha. (Yes folks, that's what university is doing to your brain and humor. It's a serious issue.)
I hope I can reward your patience, because I have some great new products to show you. Hint: I might or might not have my new all time favourite foundation, dare I say Holy Grail... stay tuned!

Thank you for your kindness and patience!

So, what's going on in your life? How's school, your friends, your cat? I'd love to hear!