17 nov. 2015

Blogging Stuff I Can't Stand.

Don't get me wrong here, I sincerely love to blog so - friggin' - much! The whole proces of writing my articles, taking photo's, create something new, the feeling of accomplishment when clicking 'publish'; I enjoy it with my entire being. Although the bloggingworld is a beautiful world full of miracles and lovely people (yes, you, person reading this! Nah, don't blush, it's true.), there are some aspects that are just... not that perfect. Will you allow me to vent and rant (and possibly vent and rant with me)? Here we go!

Seriously, camera? You can capture THIS, but not an eyelook?

1. Uploading schedules.
Now, this is just a personal pet peeve, but uploading schedules... I can't. I just can't. Ever since I was a little child I have always been mentally allergic to obligations (hence my neglectance of piano lessons, whoops). I want blogging to stay fun and upload an article whenever I have time, not being obligated to post 'every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday' and feel guilty when I can't make it. I'm just a small blog, so who will get mad at me when I don't post for a few days? Uploading schedules... I can't.

2. Wintertime. 
By the time I got enough time on my hands to capture some pics in the afternoon, the sun is already chillin' in Australia, leaving me with nothing than useless artificial light. I love the wintertime, but for a blogger it is not so fun.

3. Cameras that refuse to capture your eyelook accurately.
Yes, I'm looking at you, my Nikon D3200. It seems like you can capture the beauty of literally anything, except my eyelooks. Step up your game, will ya. Any recommendations how to fix this?
Also bad: taking a (what you think is a) fantastic picture, but upon further inspection on the computer it turns out that it is slightly out of focus, whaah! (I take all the blame for this one, not my Nikon's fault).

4. Not being able to swatch new makeups.
The first thing you want to do when you get something new is put it all over yer face! Amirite? But you can't. Why? Because if you touch the perfect surface of a brand new powder, there will be a fingerprint and hell will, in fact, break loose. People dying, houses on fire, children crying... I wouldn't recommend it. (Hurray for loose powder products that won't show usage!)

5. Dem 'I didn't read the article, tl;dr lmao but I sure as hell will spam my blog in the comments' comments.
Luckily, I don't get those as I don't have a well-known blog, but I cringe whenever I see people on other blogs almost agressively not pay any attention to the article but just shamelessly jump to mentioning their own blog (and twitter, and the fact they have a giveaway going on...). Once, I read a personal update from a blogger in which she mentioned that a family member recently has past away, and one of the comments just said 'Sounds great! Please take a look at my blog such and such'. Just... no. Stahp it, go stand in a corner and go think about what you did.

What about you? Are these things hashtag relatable? Do you have things to add to the list?

Btw, prepare for some more of these text-based posts instead of pictures. As I said in my last post, I don't have an awful lot of time to blog, let alone take/edit pictures. Thanks for understanding!