2 dec. 2015

He Keeps Me Warm

I felt like writing something cheesy today, so beware!

Yesterday, December 1st, was my boyfriend's and I (I's?) 3rd year anniversary! Dang, does that make me feel old. Just imagine: theoretically, I could have had 3 babies in the time we're together. 3! Or maybe even 4. That's a lot of baby right there. *Gets frightened looks from my boyfriend while I talk about babies.*

I can't say 'we have been through a lot' in that time as it was pretty easy cruisin' actually. He supports me with all the crazy things I all of the sudden want to do in my life (like blogging, hehe) and treats me like a princess every day. Rarely does he ever get me mad and if he does, it is about stupid tiny things anyway. I felt like he deserved a blog post to honour him as he is one of the most amazing persons that I have ever met. Why, you ask? Well, here's a humble list of why he is in fact Fantastic:

  • Whenever I'm sleeping at his house he always gets my favourite breakfast for me while I'm still asleep.
  • He allows me to show him makeup videos and makes an effort to be interested in my hobby.
  • He knows what I need even before I do.
  • He lets me pet a cat whenever we pass one without complaining. (This one is important.)
  • How he can be very manly but very adorable at the same time.
  • He knows my weird pet peeves: how I can't eat without having something to read, that I hate eating sweet foods for dinner, that I won't leave the house when my hair is wet (because I'm convinced it will make me sick), that I despise throwing away perfectly edible food, etc, etc.
  • He knows exactly how to comfort me when I'm upset and is a huge support in general.
  • He's the most creative and intelligent person I've ever met and inspires me to be ambitious.
  • I once practiced cat-eye eyeliner on him and he didn't even take it off when we went shopping afterwards(!!!)
  • He's such a gentleman.
  • He's great to shop with and never gets impatient.
  • He is magically able to make my flaws seem like a strength.
  • He gets me candy and bellyrubs when it's Special Lady Time.
  • He's the first one to notice when I painted my nails.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Now if you will excuse me, I have a very fancy pizza date to attend to (and they can leave the cheese off, because I've had my fair share in this article. *Padum-tsch*). 

If you have made it through this post, I applaud you.

What is the best thing your loved ones to for you? Either being your girlfriend/boyfriend, or your best friends/family? Do share the love!