31 jan. 2016

My (Attempt At) Christian Louboutin Moon Nails

Nails are back! I don't know what has gotten into me, but I just have not been polishing my nails in months. To quote Phoebe Buffay: 'Stop this madness!' I'm not sure why I have not gotten my nails did (by myself) for so long, but I'll try to go back to weekly nailswatches!

I got inspiration for this nail art from Dita von Teese's book Your Beauty Mark (review here). Apparently, her nail trade-mark are red nails with shimmery white moons at the root of her nail. I'm not all about that white shimmer life to be honest, but when she talked about a version involving black with red moons and a little gimmick, I raised my eyebrow. 

These so-called 'Louboutin nails' have the same trade mark as the shoes: the red sole. On the nails, this translates to a red coloured tip-bottom (what's the word?!) as a sneaky surprise. Along the process I found out that this probably works 10x better on artificial nails as those tend to be longer and thus having a bigger 'tip space'. My nails are relatively short (compared to artificial nails) which resulted in a bloodbath (...of red nail polish) underneath my nail. Oh well, you live and you learn. 

Making the moons wasn't easypeasy either. I only had a tiny brush and not the best lighting, so I kind of just winged it. The result was definitely not mess-free, but hey, for a first timer, it was alright. I recently picked up a neat brush by Kiko in a moonshape though! Should make making the moons a lot easier.

Excuse the messy bottle, sunshine exposes all The Ugly.

Christian Louboutin Moon Nails

22 jan. 2016

My Current Holy Grail Foundation! Rave Review: Lucy Minerals

 Remember when I said in a FOTD a huge while ago that my Catrice foundation weirdly oxidized on me? Since then, I have been on the hunt for the perfect foundation. I wanted something with nice ingredients as the Catrice one wasn't the best. I stumbled upon a review on Indieknow (check her out, indie lovers!) and was intrigued. I saw that this was highly rated on Makeupalley and my hearted started to pump. I. Needed. To. Try. This.

I'm so glad I did, because this is probably one of the best foundation I will ever come across in my life.

Lucy Minerals foundation review

16 jan. 2016

Pür Minerals Afterglow Illuminating Powder Review

Confession time: I'm honestly not a fan of The Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm. I know, don't throw rocks at me! Even though every person out there seems to love it and swears by it, I don't feel the love. On my super fair skin, it is actually borderline dark and it's honestly just too intense - it just looks off. So when I saw Hollie Forrest on Youtube (check her out!) use this and said that it had that beautiful, candlelit glow (my favourite kind of glow) I had to search for pictures. To my surprise, it looked like the Mary-Lou but lighter and softer. I was curious and in my shopping cart it went.

Pür Minerals Afterglow Illuminating powder review

9 jan. 2016

Huge Nicolet Beauty Lipstick Collection Post + Lip Swatches!

I have been planning this review for months now, but I did not have a lot of time to sit down and take photos of all these lipsticks. I could get it up sooner, but then it wouldn't include lip swatches, and I think that is fairly essential to a post like this. I hope you think it's worth it!

Nicolet Beauty lipsticks have been my favourite of mine for a while now. I was looking for some matte lipsticks that could replace my MAC ones. Although I love them, they are not cruelty free so I want to find something similar. I found Nicolet Beauty on Etsy and since about May, my collection has grown more and more. Here is my collection so far!

Nicolet Beauty lipstick

6 jan. 2016

Book Review: Dita Von Teese - Your Beauty Mark

A little somethin' somethin' different today! I have never done a book review in my life, so please bear with me and feel free to give constructive criticism!

As I mentioned in my corset post, Dita Von Teese is my newfound idol. What drew me the most to her is her style (before I found out she is a very interesting and intelligent person as well). The mix of 50's, 40's, 20's and whatever other era is so fascinating to me and she seems to be the modern personification of it. I'm quite obsessed with that period - stylewise, the political issues like segregation are less admirable - and you can bet your bottom dollar that when the time comes that I can no longer get away with crazy styles, I will settle down on the pin up style forgood.

Other than the clothes, the 50's  makeup is also a thing that never fails to captivate me. When I don't know what to do with my makeup, I always fall back on the classic winged eyeliner with red lipstick and matte skin. It's probably my favourite look of all time. So when Dita came out with a book that is all about her beauty secrets, I did not know how fast I had to do damage my bankaccount and buy Your Beauty Mark.

3 jan. 2016

I Don't Always Make New Years Resolutions, But When I Do...

First of all: Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great year/night!

I was never the New Years Resolutions kind of gal. I would probably forget about them the second week of January and have a Homer Simpson 'D'oh!' moment the end of December. Plus, I could never come up with something interesting, except for 'eat less candy'- and let's face it, that one never came through.

I was not planning on making resolutions anyway because I have not been doing that for years, but I came across so many fun resolutions other people where making, I figured, 'meh, what the heck, I can just try it'. Because in the words of some old Greek dude (I couldn't find who for the life of me, I'm sorry): 'A person that does not better themselves is not a good person' or something like that. Not sure if I actually made that quote up. I probably did. Yay for creative thinking. But you catch my drift: I think people should strive to being better persons, so here we are!