3 jan. 2016

I Don't Always Make New Years Resolutions, But When I Do...

First of all: Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great year/night!

I was never the New Years Resolutions kind of gal. I would probably forget about them the second week of January and have a Homer Simpson 'D'oh!' moment the end of December. Plus, I could never come up with something interesting, except for 'eat less candy'- and let's face it, that one never came through.

I was not planning on making resolutions anyway because I have not been doing that for years, but I came across so many fun resolutions other people where making, I figured, 'meh, what the heck, I can just try it'. Because in the words of some old Greek dude (I couldn't find who for the life of me, I'm sorry): 'A person that does not better themselves is not a good person' or something like that. Not sure if I actually made that quote up. I probably did. Yay for creative thinking. But you catch my drift: I think people should strive to being better persons, so here we are!

Oh, and this bad timing also explains this late blogpost, but let's just pretend it is still January 1st.

1. Learn a new English word everyday!
While my English skill is pretty good if I say so myself, there's always more to learn. Plus, casually throwing in a cool, intelligent-sounding English word in a conversation or blogpost also makes me seem a bit more cool and intelligent. What more can you ask for?! (Joking.) So I subscribed to the 'Word of the Day' thing from and now I'll be getting a bigger vocabulary every day!

2. Start a Youtube channel.
Yes, you read that right. Seriously guys, I've been secretly wanting to start a Youtube channel ever since I religiously watched Nigahiga back in 2010. I just never got around to do it. Still, I'm a bit afraid. I'm afraid of all the negativity and hate that is on Youtube, but also for myself: I'm a bit camera shy to be honest and hate - and I mean HATE - watching myself on video. It makes me cringe beyond existence. Plus, my obvious accent makes me really self-concious (although the ever so lovely Ben Green told me that it could possibly work in my favor), but since I started my blog last year I'm more confident about following my dreams so I hope that this year I will get it together!

2.5 Less anxious in general
Come to think of it, I just want to get less afraid in general. I'm a creature of habit and always reach for what I already know. I tend to get anxious about the most stupid stuff and it has not been benefitial to me. Next year I want to ignore the voice in my head that I should be afraid to do regular stuff that I have no reason to worry about whatsoever, like shopping on my own (I'm silly, I know). Out of the comfort zone I go!

3. Learn something new every month
I heard someone else make this their resolution and thought that was very inspiring, so I'll try to do it too. I'm not too hard one myself with this one - I don't need to learn a new language every month, but learning how to, for example, cook a new recipe every month should be attainable!

4. Not to live in the past
I saw this one on (Dutch folks: check her out!) and I realised I really should do this too. 2015 has been so great and there were so many amazing experience that I can't help but reminisce all the time. I'm enjoying that, but at the same time I know that that would make me miss out on the experiences I will have this year. I'm afraid that I will try to compare them with the experiences from 2015, which makes no sense because memories seem better and are idealized once they are over. So yeah, I should stop that and enjoy the things that are to come.

5. Kill 'em with kindness!
If I ever get something tattooed, this quote will probably be it. It reminds me that you should always treat other people well, even when they are just downright rude and not even worth it. There are so many selfish and angry people in the world and it is very easy to let that make you bitter, but I don't want to let it. This year, I don't want to let rude people get to me as much. Normally it could spoil my day when I came across someone unpleasant, but this year I want to get all water-off-a-ducks-back about it!

6. Try to step up my makeup-game
My makeup game is pretty strong as it is now (if I may say so myself), but I'm definitely not yet where I want to be. I want to perfect my winged eyeliner and get better in eye-makeup especially. Also, I want to practice more with makeup on other people, in case I turn out to be a makeup artist (which is a likely possibility). So far, I have really been enjoying doing that and want to get better.

7. At least try to work out now and then
Let's end with a good ol' cliché! Honestly, this year I've seriously been lacking in the body department. I'm not one to easily gain weight (shout out to my fast metabolism!) but, even though I hate to admit it, excercising does make me feel a lot better, physically and mentally. For example, I get less sad when I workout, but I have trouble getting myself to do it. No more! I taking over my sister's gym membership as she will be going away for a few months, so now that excercising costs money, I might actually do it (let's just ignore this faulty logic)!

I hope you didn't mind me oversharing, but now it's your turn! I'm very curious: what are your resolutions? I'd love to know! And how was your New Year's Eve? Feel free to share an interesting anecdote!