31 jan. 2016

My (Attempt At) Christian Louboutin Moon Nails

Nails are back! I don't know what has gotten into me, but I just have not been polishing my nails in months. To quote Phoebe Buffay: 'Stop this madness!' I'm not sure why I have not gotten my nails did (by myself) for so long, but I'll try to go back to weekly nailswatches!

I got inspiration for this nail art from Dita von Teese's book Your Beauty Mark (review here). Apparently, her nail trade-mark are red nails with shimmery white moons at the root of her nail. I'm not all about that white shimmer life to be honest, but when she talked about a version involving black with red moons and a little gimmick, I raised my eyebrow. 

These so-called 'Louboutin nails' have the same trade mark as the shoes: the red sole. On the nails, this translates to a red coloured tip-bottom (what's the word?!) as a sneaky surprise. Along the process I found out that this probably works 10x better on artificial nails as those tend to be longer and thus having a bigger 'tip space'. My nails are relatively short (compared to artificial nails) which resulted in a bloodbath (...of red nail polish) underneath my nail. Oh well, you live and you learn. 

Making the moons wasn't easypeasy either. I only had a tiny brush and not the best lighting, so I kind of just winged it. The result was definitely not mess-free, but hey, for a first timer, it was alright. I recently picked up a neat brush by Kiko in a moonshape though! Should make making the moons a lot easier.

Excuse the messy bottle, sunshine exposes all The Ugly.

Christian Louboutin Moon Nails

Christian Louboutin Moon Nails

Christian Louboutin Moon Nails
The red tips!
What are your thoughts about this? Too much work for too little result? Or is it #worthit?