22 jan. 2016

My Current Holy Grail Foundation! Rave Review: Lucy Minerals

 Remember when I said in a FOTD a huge while ago that my Catrice foundation weirdly oxidized on me? Since then, I have been on the hunt for the perfect foundation. I wanted something with nice ingredients as the Catrice one wasn't the best. I stumbled upon a review on Indieknow (check her out, indie lovers!) and was intrigued. I saw that this was highly rated on Makeupalley and my hearted started to pump. I. Needed. To. Try. This.

I'm so glad I did, because this is probably one of the best foundation I will ever come across in my life.

Lucy Minerals foundation review

Lucy Minerals foundation review

This is a mineral powder foundation. No, don't click away just yet! I know what you're thinking: how can a powder foundation be amazing? Now, my friend, I thought the exact same thing. I have tried some last year and was not impressed. They were super drying on me, the colour was never a right match, the coverage was barely existent, they would disappear in a few hours and the list goes on. Well, think that, but the exact opposite, and you get this foundation.

What is special about this powder is that it is incredibly creamy for a powder, due to a high level of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. I have dry skin, but this powder doesn't bother me whatsoever. It is very comfortable on the skin. The great thing about the consistency is that is will never look powdery on the skin but blends right in. These ingredients also mean that it gives physical sun protection! It doesn't say anywhere on the site how much SPF these provide, but especially in winter, they are probably enough protection.

The other thing that has me sold was the fact that it had medium to high to buildable full coverage. Say what? Yes, it really does. Granted, I have not tried many foundations in my life, but none of them covered as well as this one does. I don't even need a seperate concealer underneath my eyes, just a small dusting of this is enough to take away the most of my dark circles!

The last thing that was huge for me is that it is looks just like your skin. After you have let the powder sit on your skin for a while, it comes in contact with your natural oils and looks incredibly natural. The finish is a satin-matte, so you don't look like you've dipped your face into a powder puff before you left the house. You can bring the finish down to a matte, however. Just use the finishing powder that she also sells (highly recommend! Love that stuff!).

Lucy Minerals foundation review
Rotating sifter: very travel friendly
Lucy Minerals foundation review
The ingredients (original formula)
The shade range is amazing with 19 shades. There are lots of colours to chose from, including warm, neutral, cool and olive. But the best thing is: she makes custom blends! She sells a flat-out white shade that she will blend in with another shade to make the perfect colour for you. Great for pale skin that can never find a shade in the drugstore! She can also mix 2 shades that are already existing in the range to get a perfect match (without the white, I mean). I do have to mention that I think most shades cater towards lighter skintones. Women of colour might find a match, but if you are really dark, you might want to contact the company and see what they can do.

The funny thing is, I never really paid attention to my olive undertone, until I tried the shade 'Pale Olive', which is a perfect match for me. It suits my skin better than any foundation I've ever tried.

She sells many formulations for different skin types. There are two formulas for oily skin (either with silica or calcium carbonate to keep oil under control), the original formula and one for sensitive skin, Lucy Light. As I said, there is also a finishing powder, that are sold in the same formulas as well.
The original formula contains antioxidants that will shield your skin from free radicals that will damage your skin. Extremely sensitive skin may not react well to this ingredients, which explains the Lucy Light formula. This is the original formula minus those ingredients. Lucy Minerals has even been voted to be the best foundation for sensitive skin on Makeupalley! Personally, I use the original formula and even though my skin is fairly sensitive, I have not issue with that.

Another great thing is that there are "try-it" sizes you can get for $2,50 each. This is perfect for when you want to try out the foundation or order multiple shades so you can see what mix is right for you. The samples contain a huge amount. Mine lasted me for over a month with using it 3 times per week! The blush samples are great too, because I never ever finish a full size blush anyway, so this is enough for me.

Lucy Minerals sells many more stuff than just foundation. She also sells a bunch of blushes, finishing powders bronzers, eyeshadows, brow powders, brushes, skin care, lipsticks and a lot more. So far, I have only tried the foundation and some blushes.

Lucy Minerals foundation review
The full size vs. a sample size.
Now on to the big question: how does it look?

Lucy Minerals foundation review
No foundation - two layers of Pale Olive
Lucy Minerals foundation review
Full face (different lighting)
Alright, my skin is not terrible but I have some redness in my face that can get pretty serious at times (and the camera is very forgiving). 
Left side is my bare face, on the right side, I applied about two layers of foundation (no finishing powder). One layer already makes a huge difference, but I personally really like a full coverage foundation, so I applied more. It can even be built up more, without looking cakey. As you can see, the redness is pretty much gone and the foundation looks incredibly natural (it looks even better in real life)! There's even a little, satiny shine on my face. Woohoo!

In case you are thinking: "dude, you have pretty decent skin, what about those with real skin problems?" No worry, bro, I got you covered. Meet my beautiful mom!

Lucy Minerals foundation review
No foundation - two layers Bisque foundation
Lucy Minerals foundation review
Full face (no other makeup)
My mother has a really good skin texture for her age, but she has always struggled with some serious rosacea. I applied 2 layers on her skin as well (she is in the shade Bisque, a neutral shade) but it could've been build up even more. The redness is not 100% gone (but it is for about 80%) and the rosacea is practically invisible. Oh, the power of makeup! She is hooked as well. She repeated how natural it looks on her and how much she loved that. I have bought her a full size as well. She has the Lucy Light formula because she got a bit itchy and got breakouts from the original, but both formulas look the same on the skin. Conclusion: it is very suitable for mature skin as well.

As far as lasting power goes (without primer or setting spray), it is fine. It does fade throughout the day and becomes slightly more oily here and there (*cough* nostrils *cough*) but applying more powder on those spots keeps it under control better but does not looks cakey. I kind of 'bake' my nostrils for that reason - in other words, I pat on a good amount of powder into the skin with my finger until it disappears. I have no issue with oxidizing at all. It stays true to colour throughout the day.

This does come with a little manual though. It is recommended to let the foundation rest in between layers, otherwise it might cake up. Don't apply too much in one go, but work with small layers and let is rest in between to get the best result. I don't find this a huge issue. I start off with one layer, let it rest and work on my eyebrows in the meantime. Then I put on another layer and do my eye makeup. Most of the time, two layers is enough, but if I'm feeling fancy I apply a third for boom-boom-bang coverage. I finish my masterpiece off with the finishing powder by Lucy Minerals and a setting spray by NYX (review coming up!) to take away any excess powder. I use elf's Mineral Powder brush for applying my foundation, by the way. (I'm probably the only one using it for its original function, haha.) It's perfect for this, but any flat top buffer brush will do.

Lucy Minerals foundation review

Bottom line
I am hooked. I am so hooked. I don't have a single complaint. The foundation matches my skin perfectly. It looks incredibly natural, while giving a full coverage. It is not drying in the slightest, even though it is a powder. The ingredients are fantastic and will shield you from (sun)damage. The shade range is amazing and there are different formulas, so pretty much everyone will find a match. It does come with a manual, but I'm very willing to overlook that. The samples are an inexpensive way to try it out and I highly recommend you try it. Be warned, though, 'cause you might never go back.

Foundation:  $16
Finishing powder: $16 (I recommend getting both)
Blushes and bronzers (full size): $13
Try-it jars: $2,50
Shop link

Unfortunately, the shipping rates for indies has gone up. But to still make it accessible for international customers, she now sells a try-it pack with 6 zip lock baggies of your choice (instead of jars) for $12 plus free international shipping! Very thoughtful.

But luckily enough, there are sales very often, I'd say at least once every two weeks. You can easily get 20% off if you're patient. Just make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter!
Also, she sells Lucy Kits. She has one with a combination of a foundation and finishing powder for $25, but it is even cheaper when it is on sale. I got a combo for $20.

Go get 'em!

Not affiliated with Lucy Minerals whatsoever. All opinions are my own and I bought everything myself. No catch here, I'm just a fan!