5 feb. 2016

Current Obsession: Terracotta Lipstick (+ List of Terracotta Lipsticks)

I'm the type of person that stupidly enough will start to appreciate a trend at the moment it kind of dies down. Same with the 70's trend. I was loving the 90's trend, but when the 70's started to become all hip and happening again, I was not too fond of it. For me, 70's fashion could stay where in belonged (in the 70's and That 70's Show). The clashing colours? The wide-flared jeans? Random flower patterns? Oh, the horror! However, one thing that did catch my eye was the shade terracotta. In lipstick.

#makeupmonsterscosmetics liquid lipstick in "Terracotta" in love with this shade! 
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Source: SageriMakeup Instagram: Makeup Monsters - Terracotta
(Sorry for the unoriginal images, decent terracotta lipstick pictures are really hard to find!)

Now, I'm not sure what inspired me to like terracotta lipstick or if it even is an actual trend (or that I just made it up), but one thing I know for sure: I like this warm shade of brown/orange. That is weird for me. For years, I wanted everything cool-toned as I thought that was all cool and grungy - not that I'm over my love for grunge, though - which basically translates to 'things that will look muddy on me'. It's a fact, dear readers, anything with a grey undertone does not look the best on me. I hate it, but it is true. It doesn't stop me from wearing it, but that is besides the point. I'm starting to grow out of clinging to things that look off on me and embracing makeup that actually suit my skintone and I'm actually very happy about it. I will probably never turn to straight-up orange lipstick though, as I kind of detest bright oranges in any shape or form.

Source (I am not one for celebrity pictures, but this shade is really nice!) 

Terracotta, however, is just beautiful. It is subtle, subdued, slightly edgy but with class and some old Hollywood glam. At the moment I'm loving it and I already made a little wishlist (I know, I'm just hopeless). I've put myself on a no-buy until my next paycheck though, so you'll have to be patient to see it in action. But it will be worth it!

Burnout - Vegan Opaque Warm Neutral Red Matte Liquid Lipstick
Source: Potionscosmetics - Burnout

Did I get you all hyped up? Probably not, I'm not that convincing (I'd make the worst salesman) but for those who are, here are some options!

List of terracotta lipsticks (the ones that I've found):

Wet 'n Wild - Sand Storm (*Cue Darude - Sandstorm*)
Milani - Matte Beauty (Not very terracotta but close. On my wishlist.)
Illamasqua - Howl (Deep terracotta red. Also on my wishlist, for sure! But espensif.)
Charlotte Tilbury - Birkin Brown (Very dark, almost brown. Most espensif of all.)
Makeup Monsters - Terracotta (Pictured in the lipswatch, true terracotta but also espensif!)
Potionscosmetics - Burnout (Also pictured above, but it does contain parabens of which I'm not the biggest fan. Gorgeous shade though!)
Colour Pop - Bumble (Peachy terracottta.)
NYX Round Lipstick - Terracotta and Sierra
Brija Cosmetics - Spit Like A Man (Leaning on orange, but still terracotta.)

I hope this post gave you some ideas. I will probably look back on this shade in a year and hate it... Oh well. Until then, I'm enjoying it!

What are your thoughts on it? Is it your cup of tea? Do share!

Not affiliated with any of these companies, I just stumbled upon them.