13 feb. 2016

Review: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

I have not got the most experience with setting spray, I have to say. I have one by The All Natural Face that is quite nice, but other than adding back some moisture into the face, it doesn't have a fancy 'fuction'. This one by NYX does! I was afraid that the ingredients would be questionable, but surprisingly, it was not that bad. I kind of needed some help with an oily t-zone, so figured I had nothing to lose and tried it out.

My face is funny - in more ways than one, but that's another story. No, what I'm talking about it the distribution of the oil in my face. My cheeks and nose are lacking oil while my forehead has a nimiety of it (I'm extending my vocabulairy like I said I would, is it working?!). My face is like a perific country with a big divide between rich and poor, where the minority possess the most. It's awful. What was I saying again? Oh right, the spray. In short: I have combination skin.

On to the little nits and bits of this spray. The bottle is quite annoying. It is solid black, so there is no way in heck you can tell how much there is left in there. Well, maybe by the weight, but if you don't have a full bottle ready to compare it to, it's rather useless. That gets a thumbs down for me.
The spray cap is decent. Is it the finest mist you have ever encountered in your life? Nah. But you can't count the drops on your face, either. However, it is slightly finer than the All Natural Face one, so that is nice.

I was so proud of this photo.
On to the big question: does it work? Yes. Yes, it does. I have read multiple reviews on how it didn't do a thing and I can't fully disagree. You see, when you use this once to finish the face, it does not do the best job at keeping oil under control. But when you use it twice (one sprits before and after you do your make up) it keeps everything looking fresh and nice! No oil peeking through all day.

But that's the thing for me. For my combination skin, it does its job a little too well. Granted, my forehead stays put (haha) but my cheeks get tight and dry. You know that movement you do when you contour: you make that fishy face and drag your mouth to one side of the face (if that makes sense)? When I do that, my cheeks feel quite tight and uncomfortable. I hear you thinking: then just don't make that face? But I just can't, dear reader. When I find something that annoys me, I keep on doing it to myself. No idea why, there's probably a masochist living inside me somewhere. The dryness is not always an issue, however. It depends on how much you spray. But if you've already sprayed too much, there is no way of getting any excess off so then you're kind of stuck with it.

It's quite annoying, really. For that reason, I mostly use this spray when I have a special event or something where my makeup has to look flawless all day, because I know I can count on this baby. But if I can't be bothered with a dry feeling cheeks or when I only wear makeup for a few hours, I don't reach for this all that much.

Overall, it works really well for controling oil (if you spray twice, that is), but if you've got dry skin, you might want to skip this one. For that reason I don't wear this everyday. However, I do like having this at hand for when I need my face to stay put as it does the job really well. It might work better in the summertime, though. If it does, I will update!

I paid €9,95 for the bottle of 60mL at Douglas.

NYX is cruelty free, the parent company (L'oreal) however is not.

What is your favourite setting spray?

Purchased with my own money. Not affialiated.