3 mrt. 2016

Hare Magical Black Moroccan Lipstick Review (Black To Purple?!)

I remember roaming the street of Morocco some years ago. In pretty much every pharmacy, I spotted a little glass jar with bright green tubes in it. I learned that those were, in fact, lipsticks! Yes, even the lipstick itself was bright green. I got to try one on my hand, and the lipstick smear wasn't green, but over time the little patch on my skin became a bright shade of pink as it warmed up. It was more of a stain than an actual lipstick. I was most definitely intrigued with the product that shifted colour - and, that stain did not rub off - , but to be honest, bright pink is not my style.

A few months ago, I was visiting a little Arabic shop in Middelburg. I saw that they didn't only have the famous green lipstick, but also orange, blues and... black! To my surprise, every shade of lipstick became pink, but this one darkened to an interesting shade of plum. Is it the perfect dark lipstick with the best lasting power - ever?!

Hare Magical Black Moroccan Lipstick Review

Hare Magical Black Moroccan Lipstick Review

The packaging pretty darn cheap. The plastic is very fragile and I think the cap will crack under the tiniest amount of pressure. It is not the fanciest, but hey, it is not expensive at all. Plus, I like that it looks different that your average lipstick, but more... foreign? Oh well, as long as the product is good, I don't care all that much about the packaging. So, how is the product?

Hare Magical Black Moroccan Lipstick Review

Here you can see the magic in action! Left is freshly applied (I had to hurry to take the picture before it changed colour) and on the left is after a few minutes. As you can see, the dark, grey lipstick turned to a very purty plum. It is far from opaque, though, which is a definite bummer. Although it can be built up. But so far, so decent. On to the lip swatch!

Hare Magical Black Moroccan Lipstick Review
Lipstick applied to full opacity
Here is the way it looks on my lips! I had to build it up big time as it applied quite patchy. It builded up quite nicely, except for the inner part of my lips. It did not set at all. It stayed a much brighter shade of pink, probably because that part of my lips is warmer than the rest. This, for me personally, is quite a turn-off. It is okay if you are going for an ombre look, but I don't ever do that to be frank. I prefer my lipstick to be fully opaque, thank you very much.

Hare Magical Black Moroccan Lipstick Review
Lipstick stain after removal
Look at that stainage, though! After I removed the lipstick with oil (mind you, oil), it still left this stain. I walked around with a bright pink pout for the rest of the day. So yeah, that staying power (or, staining power, huh huh) is pretty great, so I will give them that. 

Hare Magical Black Moroccan Lipstick Review

So, would I recommend? Well, that depends what you're after. If you don't mind applying the lipstick a few more times for full opacity, you're digging the ombre effect and if like to have a lipstick that will not leave your lips until you are lowered in your grave, go for it! But if you are like me and you like your lipstick to be opaque and even, you can leave this one on the shelves.

Plus, I can't find the ingredients anywhere. Hare (the brand) does not seem to have a website or anything. There is a bit of information on sites that sell it and it claims to be mostly natural, but there is not a complete list of ingredients to be found. And since the lipstick is very cheap (I could find it for €1,50), I suspect the worst. Paraben gallore, anyone?

Also, I am not sure if this product is cruelty free.

This lipstick is available on eBay and many online shops, so that depends on the country you live in. If you still want to find it, googling 'moroccan lipstick' (in your language) usually suffices.

What do you think about this lipstick? Have you ever tried a colour-changing lip product? How did you like it?

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