6 mrt. 2016

Indie Review: Brija Cosmetics (Again!)

Yes, yes, I know. Last year I made a review on Brija Cosmetics and I wasn't too sure what to think. I was just dipping my toes into the world of indie and mineral makeup. Now, with some more experience with indie, I was intrigued to try it again! Plus, the company came out with some products that had my name all over it. 

Brija Cosmetics Review

Brija Cosmetics Review

Look how kjöt!

Brija Cosmetics Review

Here are the goodies! I ordered a bunch of eyeshadow and an eyebalm (that I will review seperately!). The eyeshadows I got where: Splatter Analysis, The Abbey, Always the Tone of Surprise, Two, Can I Keep you? and Sweden. Also, I wanted to try the bronzer in the shade Chai Cupcake. The GWP (gift with purchase) was Good Vibes Only and Free Kiss was a free sample!

When I opened the package, I gasped. Aside from the eye balm, all the things I ordered were in sample form. Yet,  Can I Keep You? and Sweden were upgraded to a mini size, and Two was even full size! To top it off, I got First Kiss for free! Wow! That is so incredibly generous, I was stunned. Brianna, if you ever read this, thank you so much!

On to the swatchy swatch.

Brija Cosmetics Review Swatches
Can I Keep You? - Sweden - Good Vibes Only - Two
Can I Keep You? - Is a white base with a teal duochrome. Wow. I thought this would be pretty, but not this pretty! Holy moly! The picture does not do it justice at all. I lowkey thought that this would be a nice dupe for Sugarpill's Lumi (that I have been lemming forever) but it turned out to be closer than I thought! It seems to have the same duochrome. I don't own Lumi, but now, I don't feel the desire to get it at all. Instant favourite. Highly recommend! (Part of the Halloween collection, inspired by Caspar the Ghost)
Sweden - Is described as a medium warm rose gold/copper and I think that is a great description. A great all-over lid shade! (Part of the Wanderlust collection, inspired by the Stockholm City Hall)
Good Vibes Only - This was my gift with purchase. It's a pink with a blue duochrome. Super unique shade! I'm not the biggest fan of pink eyeshadow, but this might make a great inner corner shade. 
Two - It's a coralish pink with a strong gold duochrome. I love this one. Did I say I was not one for pink eyeshadow? Okay, I take that back. This also makes a great lid shade. Very girly and romantic.

Brija Cosmetics swatches Splatter Analysis The Abbey Always The Tone Of Surprise Chai Cupcake Bronzer

Splatter Analysis - This one was described as a grey base with red shimmer, but I don't fully agree. To me, this was more a grey base with cranberry shimmer. This one looks best over a sticky base (although I didn't use one in the swatch) as the shimmer might blend away without a base underneath. But when the shimmer comes through, it glows! (Part of the Dexter collectin)
The Abbey - To me, it seems like a brown with a yellowish kaki undertone. A very special brown that reminds me of Makeup Geek's Preppy (I'm planning on doing a dupe post soon). Stunning shade that is still neutral but a bit different than your average medium neutral toned brown. One of my favourites and the formula is great. (Part of the Downton Abbey collection)
Always the Tone of Surprise - A warm medium brown with reddish undertone. A close call to Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear, but not entirely similar. Warm browns blew up over the last couple of years and this one fits that trend perfectly. Very nice shade that will be flattering on many people. (Part of the Harry Potter collection, inspired by Ron Weasley)
Chai Cupcake Bronzer - This is their darkest bronzing shade and dang, they weren't kidding! I tend to neglect lighter bronzers as I don't think they don't do anything for my skin or look orangy, so I gravitate towards darker shades. But even this was too dark for my liking, but it would make a fantastic bronzer on medium skintones. The formula was really soft and nice!

I forgot to swatch First Kiss! Oh no, I'm so sorry! It is basically a deep red with some brown undertones. Really pretty! I'll add a picture when I have the chance.

Brija Cosmetics swatches review

Brija Cosmetics swatches review

A lil' look I did! Starring Splatter Analysis and some shades from the Naked Basics 2 palette by Urban Decay. Thanks camera, for making it look like a patchy mess like you always do. I promise it is not that bad in real life.

I did not use a base underneath Splatter Analysis but it still turned out beautifully. I can't wait to apply in on a sticky base as I'm sure it would make it pop even more! (At the time of this picture I did not have a sticky base like that, so I couldn't try it. Sorry!)

Brija Cosmetics Review

I have to come back from the last time I talked about the quality, because I actually really like the formula now I know more about indie shadow formulations. And if you feel like the eyeshadows don't pop like you want them too, Brija sells an adhesive eyewax to make shimmer shadows stand out more. While I really like the shimmer, I think that matte ones steal the show. They are pigmented and very blendable, but not patchy or chalky. So yes, two thumbs up! She has recently come out with an all-matte Gilmore Girls collection so it's great to see she's expanding her matte line.

I think Brija is a great, affordable brand with amazing collections (the names are genius) and gorgeous shades, so I think it's the perfect place to go to for movie/serie loving indie enthusiasts!

Sample bag: $1.45
Mini jar: $2.75
Full size: $5.50

Sample bag: $2.00
10 gr. jar: $7.50
Full 25 gr. jar: $11.50

Eye balm (review coming soon!): $14.00

What do you think about Brija?

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