29 mrt. 2016

Indie Review: Hello Waffle!

If there is one brand that I have wanted to try out since I got into indie beauty, it is Hello Waffle. I heard many great things and the website looked so sleek (yeah, I pay attention to that. Don't ask).

The thing I might like the most about indie companies are the highlighters. They don't offer just the ol' regular rose, golds and bronzes like the drugstores do. No no, my friend. They offer about anything you can imagine - weither it being flatering or not so much (but hey, anything for the arts, amirite). Hello Waffle is one of those brands and that aspect is what drew me in. I saw, I purchased and I tested. Not only the highlighters, but other products too. Here are my thoughts!

Hello Waffle review swatches
Hello Waffle review swatches

Hello Waffle review swatches
The details!
If you have not guessed it already, this brand is cat-themed! Christine, the owner (who is an absolute sweetheart by the way) based the brand on her cat: Waffle! Hence the name. The brand is based in Canada. 
The cat theme is reoccurent throughout the brand. Being a cat person myself (heck, I like cats more than most humans), I couldn't be more pleased. She even has a collection with names from literature mixed up with cats, which results in names like 'Call Me Ishmeow' and 'Edgar Allan Prr'. Amazing stuff, you guys.

She sells a huge variaty of types of products. She sells eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, lipsticks, lipbalms, finishing powders, lip glosses... a lot. 

Also, other than her normal Facebook page there is an excluded page called the 'Kitty Kingdom', a more informal page where customers can share ideas about the products, pictures and communicate with Christine. I'm part of it as well, and it's a lovely group! Here, she also shared group-exclusive products, discount codes and whatevs. If you're interested, I can definitely recommend to check it out.

A lot of the products that I ordered are from the Kitty Kingdom collection, a collection that returns every year that comes out around Black Friday. Customers (on the Kitty Kingdom page) can send in pictures of their pets and ideas for products that would be based on the pets (if you can still follow me). She picks some ideas and realises them! 20% of the proceeds of this collection go to the Etobicoke Humane Society, an organisation that takes care of abadoned pets. How awesome is that?!
Some products of this years' Kitty Kingdom are still available, but some are sold out and will not be restocked. 

The brand also has a subscription box called Visage. For $30 (USD) you get a box each month with eyeproducts, faceproducts and lipproducts. After the boxes are send, they are also available in limited quanities on the website. Some things sell out fast, some thing don't, which are still available months after the release. If you're interested in the box, I might have to disappoint you because the waiting list is pretty long!

Enough blabbering, on to the swatches! Let's start of with highlighters.

Hello Waffle Valkyrie Fluffy Dukedom Wings of A Fly Emma swatches

Hello Waffle Valkyrie Fluffy Dukedom Wings of A Fly Emma swatches
Valkyrie - Fluffy Dukedom - Wings of A Fly - Emma
Valkyrie (permanent): A peachy bronze highlight. A very nice neutral! Slightly too dark for my skin tone though (but that is personal preference). All the highlighters have the same formulation by the way. They are all very smooth and blendable.

Fluffy Dukedom (Kitty Kingdom '15): A gold with a turqoise shift. See, what did I tell you about unique highlighters? Eat your heart out! This one is very cooltoned though and I gravitate towards warmer highlighters more often, so I still have to get used to it a bit. Doesn't make it any less pretty.

Wings of a Fly (Visage May '15): This is technically a highlight, but it's more a blush on me. The base is stronger than the sheen. It is a lavender with satin sheen. I'm getting into lavenders more and more. I really like this one! Part of Visage from last year. This one is still available on the site, but once it's gone, it's gone. So get your hands on it while you can if you like this shade!

Emma (Kitty Kingdom '15): A soft gold with a copper sheen, and a hint of pink. Probably my favourite of everything I bought. Which is why I bought two. Whoops. I just can't resist any highlight with a copper shimmer! It's becoming a serious problem. The dog on the label is the actual dog Emma, the pet which the product is based on. Same with Fluffy Dukedom!

Hello Waffle New Yang Awoke At Dawn Midna Lavender Cream swatches

Hello Waffle New Yang Awoke At Dawn Midna Lavender Cream swatches
New Yang - Awoke At Dawn - Midna - Lavender Cream
New Yang (Wu Xing collection, semi-permanent): A white with a low sheen. I was kind of expecting this to be more matte so I could use it as a brightening powder underneath my eyes, but I found it too shimmery and not white enough for that, so I'm currently finding a new use for it. It's a great neutral subtle highlight for the fairest of the fairest, that's for sure!

Awoke At Dawn (previous Visage, now permanent): Did I say Emma was my favourite? Okay, they share a first place. Awoke At Dawn is a rose gold highlighter with a hint of copper - again, the copper. So predictable. This works as a blush/highlight combo. I'm not the biggest fan of blush, but this gives enough pink to give a healthy look but not very flushed, and the gold/copper sheen tops it off. I will be wearing this a ton this summer! This is going to be a full sizer for sure. It's more gold, lighter and glowy than the picture shows, by the way. It's a hard cookie to capture accurately.

Midna (Kitty Kingdom '14, now permanent): A white gold highlighter. Stunning! Maybe a hint too yellow or too dark for my liking (fair people problems) but it will suit many skintones.

Lavender Cream (permanent): A lavender white with a lavender sheen. Along with Midna, it is a bestseller and I can see why. It's so special! Again, it leans very cooltoned, but I wanted to get myself out of my comfort zone with this one. It makes you look like an ethereal fairy, it's amazing.

Hello Waffle finishing powder Blush Honey Sacred Earth Full Yang swatches

Hello Waffle finishing powder Blush Honey Sacred Earth Full Yang swatches
Finishing Powder (heavy swatch) -  Blush Honey - Sacred Earth - Full Yang
Finishing Powder (permanent): I'm never too critical of powders, but I actually really liked this one. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Christine wanted to combine the mattifying properties of a normal powder with the glow of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous and this was the result. I think she succeeded! It makes my skin look like a baby butt. Matte but yet soft and velvety. I still have a lot of other powders to go through, but I will definitely keep this in mind for when I run out!

Blush Honey (permanent): A dusty rose with a hint of terracotta. Again, a great neutral. Whenever I read the title I imagine a sassy voice saying 'Yaaaaaass honey, you work that blush!' - please tell me I'm not the only one. This actually reminds me a lot of Nars Douceur, an all time favourite of mine. Comparisons will come in a dupe post soon! (EDIT: this swatch is very heavy, here is a better one, on the right!)

Sacred Earth (permanent): A very light orangy beige. It is described to give you 'the slightest hint of colour' and I think that that is correct. It is relatively light (although nothing is ever really light on my skin, come on now) so it makes the face look really fresh! Pretty fool-proof I'd say. I really like this one as well. The formula of the blushes is excellent: very smooth, blendable and the pigmentation is just right.

Full Yang (Wu Xing, semi-permanent): Me being me, I had to try the contour. This is a taupe that leans rosy. I don't think this is the best contour shade for my yellow skin, but I can imagine this one working really well on pink-leaning skin. I can try this as a dark blush instead and see how that goes. I found this one to be slightly more patchy than the rest, but nothing too bad!

Hello Waffle Purrian Gray SP swatches
Purrian Gray - SP
(I forgot the product shots, sorry about that.)

Lastly, some eyeshadows!

Purrian Gray (Cattsic Literature, permanent): The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favourite books so this one was a given. It has a blue leaning gray base with flecks of gold sparkle. On the site it looks more like a neutral gray that almost leans brown, but on my it is definitely a blueish gray. Again, very neutral (spotting a pattern, aren't we?). The gold specks kind of disappear after blending which is a bummer, but a sticky base definitely helps keeping them around. They don't show up all that well on my swatch, this blog has a other one that shows the sparkle better.

SP (Kitty Kingdom '15): A brown with some olive green with green and gold sparkle. ...Can you say it with me? *A! Great! Neutral!* A nice all over the lid shade for a quick look.

Hello Waffle Review Swatches

I have fallen head over heals in love with Hello Waffle. The feel of the brand, the products (highlighters!), the quality, the packaging, the Kitty Kingdom, I'm completely hooked. There is even more on its way to my house as we speak and I'm so excite!

I can recommend all products I've tried. New Yang was different than I expected it to be, but that was not the product's fault. Overall, the products are pigmented and blendable (but not so much that they blend away). I couldn't be happier! I can see myself buying from this shop many times more. 

Prices (at time of writing):
Sample (zip lock bag): €1,35 / $2 CAD
Halfling (3 gram jar, 1/3 tsp): €3,52 / $5 CAD
Full size (2 grams of product): €6,78 / $10 CAD

Blush/highlighter/finishing powder
Sample (zip lock bag): €1,35 / $2 CAD
Halfling (10 gram jar, 1 tsp): €5,42 / $8 CAD
Full size (20 gram jar, 5 grams): €8,81 / $13 CAD

And for international customers: I found the shipping prices to be relatively low. I paid around €6,00 for shipping, which is about half of the shipping other (indie) companies charge, so that's a huge bonus to me!

Have you heard of this company before? What are your thoughts?

Not affiliated or sponsored by Hello Waffle in any way. Oh, how I wish!