24 mrt. 2016

Kiko - 318

GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Where have I been?! I was thinking about my last blogpost the other day and was like 'oh, well that was like a couple of days ago'... Turns out, it was almost 2 weeks ago. Shush, bad blogger!

I've been pretty darn busy with exams the last couple of weeks. Although I know about everything there is to know about scientific philosophy now, I have been lacking on the beauty department. Good thing I still have this swatch from my favvvrut Kiko polishes at hand!

I have to say, I have never been one for dusty rose shades. But since I got into corsetry, I'm digging everything that even reminds me of the Victorian Age. So does this shade. When you look at this colour, don't you just see a fancy lady with a huge skirt, wearing a lace umbrella against the sun, walking down her huge grass garden à la Downton Abbey? I know I do.

The polish worked fine. A little on the think side (which resulted in a subtle stripey finish) and opaque in 3 coats, but it's nothing to break your neck over. Other than that, it was Kiko like we know it.

Kiko nail polish 318 swatch

Kiko nail polish 318 swatch

Kiko nail polish 318 swatch

How have your weeks been? Let's catch up!