22 apr. 2016

Dupes In My Collection #1 (MAC, Nars, indie)

Hi friends!

Any beautylover can feel me on this. You shop online, considering every item you buy, thinking you are making a well-thought out choice... only to find out you already have something similar when it shows up at the doorstep. Sigh.

Instead of being angry at myself for wasting the money, I thought I'd better put my failure to use! So here are the dupes in my collection so you may not make the same mistake I made - or to find a dupe for something you like, that's also possible. But I'm trying to be heroic here, okay!

Let's start swatchin'.

Blog technician speaking: I'd recommend you put your screen brightness all the way up, so you can see the difference better!

MAC Lightscapade Silk Naturals Close Up Dupe

16 apr. 2016

Indie Review: Fyrinnae! (Oh. My. Gosh.)

A new indie review today! And what kind of a review. I seriously found a new love, oh my.

Fyrinnae is one of the most well-known indie brands. People that are not into indie stuff are sometimes still familiar with Fyrinnae. This company is most known about their amazing eyeshadows (especially the multi-chrome line!), so I had to see what all the fuss was about. 

...I was blown away.

11 apr. 2016

Face of 9/4/16: Not Just Cool...

... but Hypercool.

I finally got around to try some Fyrinnae products! I have been lusting over their products since last year March but never got around to try it. Now I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Hot. Damn. This was exactly my reaction when I swatched everything. (Oh my gosh. Wiggles.) Review and swatches are coming up, but I couldn't wait to share this FOTD with y'all!

Remember that I said in my last FOTD that I was planning on doing these more often? Since that post was a good 8 months ago, it is safe to say that it didn't go as planned. I really want to start doing these more regurlarly and I hope that the summertime allows me to have more time to shoot them during the day. I think it will be a good challenge for me to be more creative and shop my stash.

I usually don't go for bold eyeshadows. Dark lips is where it's at. But resistance was futile with this gorgeous eyeshadow. I got inspired by Zoffe's Blog (she does amazing bold eyeshadow looks) and got my hand dirty with this amazing emerald blue.

I still need some practise in the eyeshadow department, but I was pretty happy with how this turned out. I actually redid the look because at first I used Makeup Geek's Envy in the crease - big, BIG mistake. It didn't blend at all and looked so muddy! I will stick to using it as a lid shade, thank you very much. Brija's War Effort, however worked surprisingly well. It blended like a dream.

Please excuse the funky colours of the pictures, I tried to balance it the best I could!

FOTD Face of the day Fyrinnae Hypercool eyeshadow blue