16 apr. 2016

Indie Review: Fyrinnae! (Oh. My. Gosh.)

A new indie review today! And what kind of a review. I seriously found a new love, oh my.

Fyrinnae is one of the most well-known indie brands. People that are not into indie stuff are sometimes still familiar with Fyrinnae. This company is most known about their amazing eyeshadows (especially the multi-chrome line!), so I had to see what all the fuss was about. 

...I was blown away.

The shades I picked were:

Purgatry - Hypercool - Serendipity - Rapunzel Had Extentions
Capybara (freebie) - Fire Opal - Fireside Interlude - Bewitched (blush)

Can you see those colours?! I hardly had to edit the photos (just made it a tiny bit clearer, but that's all). It came in the cool foil that I used as the background. I think it fits the company very well!

The jars are pretty basic, but maybe that works in their advantage: it makes a bigger contrast with the amazing content.

These are all mini size. Yes, minis. These are some serious minis if you ask me! They seem to give you about the same amount that other indies would consider full size. The only one that is a bit more empty is Capybara, but that was a freebie after all. For $2,75, you get a ton. Especially considering how pigmented these are.

Fyrinnae is, other than the eyeshadows, also known for their primer: the Pixie Epoxy. This is only a samplesize. Although this is not meant to stop the eyeshadow from creasing, it is supposed to make the eyeshadows look a lot more pigmented and brings out their special dimensions. In my swatches I used a bit of the Pixie Epoxy at the top of the swatch and dragged down onto bare skin. The review follows later in this post!

The swatches were multiple swipes (for the shape).

Purgatory - A deep red shimmer over a black base. Normally these shades tend to look burgundy or muddy because of the black base, but this one doesn't! It's the perfect vampy shade! The Pixie Epoxy bring out the shimmer more.

Hypercool - A deep turqoise with a hint of emerald. I just did a look with it so you can see it in action here. This shadow challenges me to be more creative and I'm loving every second of it!

Serendipity - A greyish base with a strong pink and copper glow. This might be Fyrinnae's bestseller and it deserves that title, hands down. It is SO beautiful, oh my! It is very hard to capture though. I was wondering weither my eyeshadow was a new batch since it looked more pink and less copper than other swatches I saw, but now I realise that the camera mostly picks up the copper and no pink. On my eyes, it looks my like this (not my picture). The Pixie Epoxy brings out the shimmer more and makes it look slightly more copper and less pink.

Rapunzel Had Extentions - Can we have a moment for that name? RHE is a pink with golden sheen. Or should I say, a golden sheen with a hint of pink? The pink is only really visible in the shade. This colour is intens, wow. It doesn't even need the Pixie Epoxy!

Capybara - A deep shimmery purple. I don't have a lot of purples so I'm happy this was my freebie! The Pixie Epoxy brings out the purple more.

Fire Opal - *Scream internally* This shade, you guys, this shade. It is a golden bronze that GLOWS. It becomes more warmer - like it is in the jar - when you build it up. The name is perfect: it is really smokey. I might even prefer it when it's a bit more sheer because it has a glow that reminds me of a smoldering fireplace. This is probably my favourite.

Fireside Interlude - Like Fire Opal, the name is perfect for this one. It has a orange undertone with a bronzy/golden shimmer. Where Fire Opal is left smoldering, this one is on fire! The Pixie Epoxy brings out the golden.

Bewitching (blush) - It is described as a 'light lilac-mauve with slight pink shimmer' and I think that that is correct! I always gravitate towards mauve blushes even though they pull red on me and are not really flattering at all. When will I learn. I would recommend this shade to medium skin or using a light hand if you're fair! 

Just for funzies: these eyeshadows have some serious staying power. The picture above is with a thick layer of coconut oil after multiple times of rubbing. These will stay around, alright! Especially on the places where I applied the Pixie Epoxy.

Time to tell my thoughts on the Pixie Epoxy! I think this stuff is a must for every duochrome eyeshadow you own, or at least shadows with interesting shimmer. You will not be able to keep the sheen around as long without it. The shimmer is much easier to blend away without a sticky base, and with shades like these, you want to keep them around! But it does make blending harder, so I will only use this for lidshades, not in the crease (but who needs shimmer in the crease anyway). Don't try this puppy with mattes, though, it will not be pretty - literally and figuratively.

It takes a bit to get used to though. If you only swipe once over the primer, it will look patchy. To get full intensity, you need to take a full brush (or finger, like me) loaded with product and pat it directly on top. But once you get the hang of it, it is really worth it!

The consistency is very gel-like. It reminds me of a very sticky lip gloss. It is not uncomfortable on the lids, though - as opposed to e.l.f.'s Glitter Glue, which made my eyelid feel heavy and look wrinkly. I didn't experience that with the Pixie Epoxy at all! You do, however, need to let it dry for a few moments, otherwise your eyelids might stick to your skin - the horror!. It doesn't have a notable smell.

A look featuring Fire Opal! *Swoon*

Fyrinnae has completely blown me away. The colours are intens and unlike anything I've ever seen. I'm dying to try some shades from the Arcane Magic line, which are even more multichrome!

If you are into duochromes, you have to try Fyrinnae, like yesterday. And if you have not tried any indie brand, I can recommend you start with Fyrinnae. You will start on a  can immediatly see what indie products are all about. The range of shades is huge (from neutral to extremely bright), so I'm sure everyone will find something they like. Fyrinnae doesn't carry much matte shades though (so far only one proper matte, if I'm correct), but mattes aren't the reason you turn to Fyrinnae, let's be fair.

Eyeshadow minis: $2,75
'Normal' eyeshadow full size: $6,00
Arcane Magic eyeshadows full size: $7,50

Minis: $2,75
Full size: $10,00

Shop link

What are your thoughts? Are you all as excited as I am?

All opinions are my own: not sponsored or affiliated with Fyrinnae in any way. I bought all of this with my own monzeys.