25 mei 2016

Dupes In My Collection #3 (Urban Decay, Too Faced, Indie) + Tiny Update


It's me...

(How many MIA bloggers have used that joke by now? Welp, so much for originality.)

Guys, guys, I'm sorry. These weeks are crazy for me, I barely have time to sleep. Well that's kind of a lie, because I have had some time to watch series (I'm watching Degrassi in Youtube like no tomorrow, no shame), but blogging has not been happening lately. And it will not change in some time, because next Saturday I'll be in New York for two weeks (!!!). Exciting stuff! But blogging won't be my priority until then. I'll try to set some things up so I won't be missed too much, but since exams and papers and all that fun stuff happened I'm not sure when. To be continued.

Part 3 in my dupe series! I thought this was the last bit, but nope. I find more every day, so you betcha there's going to be a part 4.

On to the dupes!

Urban Decay Frisk My Pretty Zombie Pasty Ass Dupe

6 mei 2016

Dupes In My Collection #2 (Makeup Geek, Brija Cosmetics, Fyrinnae)

Part two in my dupe series!

The more I start thinking about dupes, the more I find. Turns out, I have quite some products in my collection that are either similar to Makeup Geek products or just straight on dupes. Brija Cosmetics and Fyrinnae play a big part in this one as well. Off we go!

Makeup Geek Pretentious Fyrinnae Fire Opal Swatch

1 mei 2016

Makeup Geek Porcelain Contour Powders review + Comparisons

Lemme introduce you to my face real quick. I am a legit balloon - if balloons could be square. Yes, my head is a square with right about no dimension in my cheeks. I mean, I probably have some cheekbons anatomically speaking, but my cheeks thought it would be a great idea to go full hamster on me and not show them. Sigh. For that purpose, I need some artifical help and contour powders are my best friend. Although no contour powders in the past were the perfect match.

When Makeup Geek came out with contour powders for different skintones and undertones, I pricked up my ears. Normally companies come out with about 3 contourshades tops, and that's the end of that. Normally those shades tend to be either too dark or muddy looking, so I was curious about the lighter shades. I ended up getting the two shades for porcelain skintone. Worth the hype? Here are my thoughts!

Makeup Geek Porcelain Contour Powder Review Break Up Love Triangle