6 jul. 2016

Kiko - 244 + I'm So, So Sorry

Good lord, have I been an A+ beautyblogger or what?!

I've been silent for what, 1,5 months now? I'm deeply, deeply ashamed. To my very core. The worst part is... I don't really have a good explanation. Fine, I've been away to 'Murca (New York! Haul will be reviewed soon!) for 2 weeks in June, but I came back about 3 weeks ago, so that's no excuse. What can I say, summer happened, then Orange Is The New Black happened, then even more Netflix happened. But again, I could've easily squeezed some bloggin' time in. The truth is that I'm distracted by anything and everything, rather like this dog.

Onto some nailtalk, since we've got a LOT of catching up to do. I've barely painted my nails, but I made some pictures the one time that I did. This dark vampy lady that is flaunting my phallanges is the one and only Kiko 244. It's a pretty one, but to be completely honest, I don't gravitate towards it a lot. It's extremely dark, to the paint where it just seems black 99% of the time, except when seen in sunlight. Then I'm thinking: if I wanted to wear black, I might as well just wear black. Same goes for purple: when I want something purple, I'll just take some damn purple polish. This is just too much in between for me.

It took about 3 coats to get completely opaque, but this brush has the tendency to wipe away polish when you go over a place more than once. You can see it in full action on my ring finger if you look closely, especially near the base of my nail. It's a bummer, but nothing 3 coats can't fix.

Lasting time was shorter than I remember - about 2 days - , but I blame that on the circumstances since Kiko polishes tend to last very long on me normally.

Kiko 244 nail polish swatch